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Wanted by Night vs. Eros: A Battle of Seduction

In the world of men's fragrances, Azzaro's Wanted by Night and Versace's Eros stand out as charismatic contenders, each boasting a unique blend of notes that captivate the senses. Launched in 2018, Wanted by Night by Azzaro is a Woody Spicy fragrance created by perfumers Quentin Bisch and Michel Girard. In contrast, Eros by Versace entered the scene in 2012, crafted by the skilled nose of Aurelien Guichard as an Aromatic Fougere fragrance. Let's delve into the olfactory profiles of these two seductive scents.

Wanted by Night: A Spicy Nocturnal Adventure

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Lemon
Middle Notes: Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar, Cumin
Base Notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cedar, Leather, Benzoin, Iso E Super, Cypress, Patchouli

The Olfactory Experience
Wanted by Night unfolds with a burst of warmth and spice, courtesy of Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, and Lavender. As the night deepens, the heart notes reveal a mysterious blend of Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar, and Cumin, creating an intriguing and alluring character. The fragrance settles into a seductive base of Tobacco, Vanilla, Leather, and Patchouli, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and intensity.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection
Wanted by Night boasts impressive longevity, ensuring that its magnetic aura lingers throughout the night. The sillage is moderate, leaving a captivating trail that draws others in without overwhelming the senses. The projection is well-balanced, making it suitable for evening wear and special occasions.

Suitability and Occasions
With its spicy and woody notes, Wanted by Night is perfectly suited for cooler seasons and evening events. It exudes confidence and charm, making it an excellent choice for a night out or a formal gathering where a touch of allure is desired.

Eros: A Mythological Olfactory Triumph

Top Notes: Mint, Green Apple, Lemon
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, Geranium
Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Virginian Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Vetiver, Oakmoss

The Olfactory Experience
Eros opens with a refreshing burst of Mint, Green Apple, and Lemon, invoking a sense of invigorating energy. The heart notes introduce a blend of Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, and Geranium, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. The base notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver, and Oakmoss provide a strong and masculine foundation, creating an olfactory journey that is both invigorating and sensual.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection
Eros offers excellent longevity, allowing the wearer to enjoy its invigorating aroma for an extended period. The sillage is notable, making a bold statement without being overpowering. The projection is well-balanced, ensuring that Eros leaves a lasting impression in various social settings.

Suitability and Occasions
Versatile and charismatic, Eros is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Its fresh and invigorating notes make it an excellent choice for daytime wear, while its sensual undertones also make it appropriate for evening events. Whether it's a casual outing or a special occasion, Eros is designed to leave a memorable impact.

The Verdict: Wanted by Night vs. Eros

While both Wanted by Night and Eros are captivating fragrances, they cater to different preferences and occasions. Wanted by Night's spicy and woody composition is ideal for those seeking a bold and alluring fragrance for nighttime adventures. On the other hand, Eros embodies a mythological triumph with its fresh and invigorating notes, making it a versatile option for various settings. Ultimately, the choice between Wanted by Night and Eros depends on individual preferences, desired occasions, and the kind of olfactory journey one seeks. Whether you gravitate towards the mysterious allure of Wanted by Night or the invigorating charisma of Eros, both fragrances promise a seductive experience crafted by the expertise of their respective perfumers.

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