Azzaro Wanted By Night Vs Bvlgari Man In Black

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Azzaro Wanted By Night: The Intense and Seductive Elixir


Introduced in 2018, Azzaro Wanted By Night personifies intense allure, merging woody and spicy elements for a compellingly masculine fragrance.


  • Top Notes: Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Lemon

  • Middle Notes: Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar, Cumin

  • Base Notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cedar, Leather, Benzoin, Iso E Super, Cypress, Patchouli

The Olfactory Experience

Wanted By Night unfolds with a blend of Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, and Lemon in its top notes, creating a warm and spicy introduction. Its heart notes encompass Fruity Notes, Incense, Red Cedar, and Cumin, orchestrating a bold and intense blend. The fragrance concludes with Tobacco, Vanilla, Cedar, Leather, Benzoin, Iso E Super, Cypress, and Patchouli, leaving behind a charismatic and magnetic trail.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection

This fragrance boasts remarkable longevity, maintaining its distinctive character from day to night. Its robust sillage leaves a commanding yet sophisticated trail, while the potent projection envelops those within its aura.

Suitability and Occasions

Wanted By Night's intense and captivating notes make it perfect for evening wear and cooler seasons, offering a magnetic and charismatic presence.

Bvlgari Man In Black: The Bold and Opulent Expression


Bvlgari Man In Black, introduced in 2014, redefines masculinity with its amber floral composition, exuding opulence and boldness.


  • Top Notes: Spices, Rum, Tobacco

  • Middle Notes: Leather, Iris, Tuberose

  • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Guaiac Wood, Benzoin

The Olfactory Experience

Man In Black opens with Spices, Rum, and Tobacco in its top notes, establishing a rich and bold start. Its heart notes comprise Leather, Iris, and Tuberose, crafting an elegant and opulent essence. The fragrance settles into Tonka Bean, Guaiac Wood, and Benzoin, delivering a warm and sensual trail.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection

This fragrance exhibits notable longevity, allowing the wearer to revel in its opulent character for an extended period. Its moderate sillage leaves a sophisticated and captivating trail, while the balanced projection emanates a confident and alluring aura.

Suitability and Occasions

Man In Black's versatility makes it suitable for various occasions, transitioning seamlessly from daytime to evening wear, offering a bold and opulent character.

The Verdict: Wanted By Night vs. Man In Black

Both fragrances, Wanted By Night and Man In Black, offer unique olfactory experiences. While Wanted By Night embodies intense allure and charisma, Man In Black presents a bold and opulent expression of masculinity.

Ultimately, the choice between Wanted By Night and Man In Black depends on individual preferences and the desired fragrance journey. Whether drawn to the intense allure of Wanted By Night or the bold opulence of Man In Black, both promise a unique sensorial experience crafted by their respective perfumers.

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