Parfums de Marly Athalia Dupes & Clones

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Women can wear the Floral Woody Musk scent Athalia by Parfums de Marly. In 2016, Athalia was introduced. Orange Blossom is the top note, Iris is the middle note, while White Musk and Amber 

Parfums de Marly Athalia
Dupes, Clones, Alternatives & Replacements

Women can smell floral, woody, and musk in the Prada fragrance Infusion d'Iris. d'Iris Infusion was introduced in 2007. Daniela (Roche) Andrier is this fragrance's nose. African Orange flower, Neroli, Orange, and Mandarin Orange make up the top notes; iris, Galbanum, and Mastic or Lentisque make up the middle notes; while incense, Virginia Cedar, Benzoin, and Vetiver make up the base notes. This fragrance won the 2008 FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year in the Women's Nouveau Niche.

A floral woody musk scent for women, Ris e Flor de Laranjeira by Mahogany. This fragrance is brand-new. In 2021, Ris e Flor de Laranjeira was introduced. Carmita Magalhes is the nose behind this scent. Orange blossom, rhubarb, and grapefruit make up the top notes, followed by iris, heliotrope, cardamom, and almond for the middle, and iris, leather, musk, moss, and amber for the base notes.

Women can smell the Amber Floral scent called Washwasha by Lattafa Perfumes. Raspberry, bitter orange, and pink pepper make up the top notes, while tuberose, osmanthus, jasmine, French orange flower, and neroli make up the middle and base notes, respectively. Tonka bean, vanilla, musk, benzoin, cashmirwood, and amber make up the base notes.

Women can smell floral with Fleur d'Iris by Solinotes. In 2014, Fleur d'Iris was introduced.

Le Labo's founders, Fabrice Penot and Edouard Rochi, collaborated with Anthropologie to introduce a brand-new, extraordinary collection of five perfumes. Each of these scents is based on a particular historical period in perfumery, when perfumes were hand-made with premium natural materials in tiny batches.
Chant De Bois (spicy), Belle Du Soir (spicy), Orange Discrete (fruity), Poudre D'Orient (fresh), and Bouquet Blanc are the perfumes that came from this cooperation (floral).

A blend of violet leaves, patchouli, vanilla, and suede musk creates the exotic scent Poudre D'Orient.

All of them are packaged in amber bottles modeled after old-fashioned pharmacy vials (60 ml).

Prada's Infusion d'Iris scent debuted as an Eau de Parfum in 2007. The traditional process of extracting iris aroma, which takes six months to complete, served as the inspiration for the fragrance's name. Infusion d'Iris Eau de Toilette, a lighter and more economical version of the original, was introduced in 2010. Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue, a more potent, opulent, and oriental version, debuts in March 2012.

Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue, created with carefully chosen, exceptional, and rare components, exudes preciousness and elegance. The blend includes exotic Tunisian neroli, orange flower, Florence-style iris, mastic, Lao benzoin, Venezuelan tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla, and white musk notes.

As the updated name for the ominous and sinister Jasmin Noir fragrance, Bvlgari, a prestigious jewelry brand, has debuted Mon Jasmin Noir.
Mon Jasmin Noir is an alluring floral fragrance that is brilliant and sensual. Combining notes of lily of the valley, Sambac jasmine, musky nougat, and bright woods gives this fragrance its modernity and sensuality. Sophie Labbe and Olivier Polge are the composition's noses.

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt, a well-known American painter, is honored with the name of this perfume. It can be categorized as a feminine and traditional scent. Aldehydes, bergamot, green notes, neroli, and pineapple are among the composition's opening notes, which are casual, light, and fresh. The components of the traditional floral heart include jasmine, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. Cinnamon notes, civet, musk, opoponax, vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla are all present in the amber base. The fragrance was created in 1982 by Sophia Grojsman.

For both men and women, Tiziana Terenzi's XIX March is a Woody Aromatic scent. 2012 saw the introduction of XIX March. Paolo Terenzi is the nose behind this fragrance. Green Leaves, Nettle, Mint, and Orange make up the top notes, Lavender, Jasmine, Clove, and Cinnamon make up the middle notes, while Rosemary, Vetiver, Musk, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, and Cedar make up the base notes.

The aroma of clean laundry, fresh flowers, and the sea breeze off the Italian coast served as the inspiration for Bottega Veneta Knot. Daniela Andrier, a perfumer for the Givaudan company, is the scent's creator. Its top notes include a variety of citrusy aromas from clementine, mandarin, lime, neroli, and orange flower. Fresh and upbeat top notes combine with flowery middle notes like peony, white rose, and lavender to create a contrast with the earthy base notes of musk and tonka.

In addition to body care items including body lotion, shower gel, and body cream, Perfume Knot will be sold as 30, 50, and 75ml Eau de Parfum

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