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Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist:

A Thousand Christmas Wishes

Fragrance Notes:  A Celebratory Blend of  Pomegranate · Elderberry · Prosecco · Sugar · Star Jasmine · Woodsy Notes.

A Thousand Wishes

Fragrance notes: A Sweet, Heart-Warming Celebration featuring Pink Prosecco, Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, Gilded Amber and Amaretto. Value Pack


Beach Nights Summer Mashmallow = Vanilla Bean
Bergamot & Mandarin / Happiness = *Sunrise Yoga = Tangelo Woods
Boardwalk Taffy = Cotton Candy Clouds = Whipped Berry Meringue
Bora Bora Citrus Surf = Sun-Washed Citrus
Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla = Secret Wonderland = Wild Strawberry Leaf
Cherry Frost = Firecracker Pop
*Coco Shea Honey = *Honey Wildflower
BBW Emerald Mist = BBW Prismatic Stars
Fresh Gardenia (2021) = Gardenia & Fresh Rain
Frosted Vanilla = Merry Cookie
Groovy Watermelon = Pink Watermelon Blast
Honeysuckle & Peach Spritz = Honeysuckle Peach Tea
Juicy Pink Dragonfruit = Lush Pink Dragonfruit
Gingham Legend = Legend
Mahogany Teakwood = Teakwood
*Misty Morning = *Lily & Green Tea
Peach Prosecco Macaron = Peach Nectar
Relaxing: Sandalwood Eucalyptus = Sandalwood Eucalyptus Mandarin
Restoring: Sage & Mint = Recharge: Sage & Mint
Santa's Blueberry Shortbread = Sugared Blueberry Donut (c)
Sea Island Cotton = Sea Island Shore
Wicked Vanilla Woods = Whispers in the Library

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy:

Awakening Sun

Fragrance Notes: Awaken and energize the body and mind with this essential oil blend of bergamot, neroli and cedarwood. 

Neroli Blossom & Bergamot

Fragrance Notes: Essential oil blend of bergamot and neroli blossom. The bergamot essential oil adds a tart and tangy note to the fragrance while the neroli blossom provides a sweet, honey-like aroma. Value Pack

BBW Candles:
Aromatherapy Orange & Cedarwood / Calm = Aromatherapy Nighttime Tea
Aromatherapy Passion Tuberose & Ylang Ylang = Aromatherapy Optimism

Everything Else
#EASTER = Buttercream Frosting / Frosted Cupcake / Confetti Cupcake (Sparkle Everyday)
Adobe Sunset = Spiced Citrus Sonoma
Almond = Almond Blossom
*Almond Matcha = *Lemongrass Cardamom
Aloha Waikiki = Hawaiian Hibiscus
Amazon Falls = Sea Grass
American Boardwalk = Summer Boardwalk = Sweet Home Chicago
Amethyst (Peace Potion) = Moonlit Path
Amsterdam = Flower Shop = Rose
Apple Cardamom = Warm Apple Pie
Apple Flower = Pink Apple Punch
Apple Garland = Apple Spruce = WB Christmas 2012
*Apple Orchard Lane = *Apple Weather (at least 2/3 same fragrance notes)
Aquamarine (Clarity Elixir) = Beach Sage & Mint
Autumn Day = Acorn & Fig
Autumn Night = Cardamom & Suede= Holly Jolly Christmas
Autumn Sky = Bergamot Woods = *Sunlit Cedar = Villa Bergamot
Autumn Sunshine = Golden Citrus
Autumn Snow = Pinecone
*Baltic Black Pearl = *Indigo Sky
Banana Cabana = Tropical Banana
Bangkok = Tropical Spice
Barcelona = Caribbean Salsa
Beach Breeze = Waikiki Beach Coconut
Beachside = Sunny St. Tropaz = Suntan #2
Bergamot & Suede = Bergamot Woods = Michigan Avenue = Ocean Drive = Villa Bergamot
Bergamot Waters = Holiday Sparkle
Berry Pumpkin Strudel = Spiced Pumpkin Cider
Berry Spritzer = Juniper & Pine
Berry Waffle Cone = Waffle Cone
Birchwood Trail = Vanilla Birch
Black Cherry Seltzer = Pink Lemonade
Black Teakwood = Mahogany Teakwood
Black Tie = Sage & Cedar
Blackberries & Basil = Blackberry Tea Leaf (nearly identical)
Bloom = First Bloom = Live in Sunshine = Mother's Day 2015
Blueberry Crumble = Blueberry Glazed Donut
Blueberry Lavender Lemonade = Blueberry Lavender Spritzer
Blushing Pink Rose Petals = Winter Rose
Bora Bora = Meet Me in Tahiti
Bourbon Maple = Sunkissed Maple
Brazilian Blue Waters = Sea Spray = Turquoise Waters
Bright Autumn Sky = Bright Winter Sky
Bright Bouquet/Flirt/ Mother's Day (2013)/ Paris Daydream = *Fresh Spring Blue Skies
Bright Verbena Blossoms (Sunshine) = Lemon Verbena = Seaside Citrus
Brown Butter Praline = French Caramel Cake = Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake = Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake
Bourbon Butterscotch = Hot Buttered Rum
Cactus Lily = Velvet Tuberose
Café Italia = Espresso Bar = Gourmet Espresso = Road to Kona
California = Poolside = Suntan #1
Campfire Pumpkin = Pumpkin Fireside
Candied Pecans = Praline Pecan = Praline Pecan Cobbler
Candy Hearts = Pink Fairy Gumdrop
Caramel Apple = Sweet Caramel Comfort (Home) = Wicked Apple
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl = Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
*Cardamom & Ginger = *Lemongrass Cardamom
Cardamom & Suede = Holly Jolly Christmas = Autumn Night
Casablanca Lily = Easter Lily
Cashmere & Oak = Winter Woods
Cashmere & Sandalwood = Vanilla Sandalwood (Mountainside Suite) - vanilla, sandalwood, musk
*Cereal Marshmallow Bar = *Key Lime Pie = *Rainbow Confetti
Champagne Apple & Honey = Apple of My Eye
Champagne Margarita = Frosted Moscow Mule
Champagne Toast = You Are Loved
Cheers to Capri = Limoncello = Sugared Lemon Zest
Cherry Cheesecake = Frosted Cake Pop
Cherry Frost = Firecracker Pop
Chestnut & Clove = Winter Cabin
Chocolate Lava Cake = Hot Fudge Sundae
*Chocolate Peppermint Cream = *Mint Chocolate (OG Slatkin)
Cider Lane = Warm Caramel Cider
*Cinnamon Bark = *Spiced Wreath
Cinnamon Pinecone = Spiced Autumn Wreath
Cinnamon Sugared Donut = Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla = Glazed Cinnamon Bun
Citrine (Happy Dust) = Ocean Mist & Citrus = Ocean Therapy
Citrus & Sandalwood = Citron Cedarwood = Sandalwood Citrus
Citrus & Spice = Holiday Pomander
Citrus Crystals = Sugared Orange & Vanilla
*Citrus Flower = *Coastal Sun
Citrus Sugar Cookie = Frosted Biscotti
Coastal Morning = Ocean Mist & Citrus
*Coco Shea Honey = *Honey Wildflower
Coconut Pineapple = Iced Pineapple = Paradise Coconut
Confetti Daydream = Daydream
Cotton & Eucalyptus = Eucalyptus Cotton = Frosty Air
Cotton Candy Marshmallow = Strawberry Picnic = Strawberry Sorbet
Cozy Cabin = Ski Lodge
Cranberry Peach = Cranberry Peach Prosecco
Cranberry Pumpkin = Cranberry Sugar Cookie
Cranberry Woods = Sun-Drenched Vineyard
Creamy Nutmeg = Winter Vanilla Latte
Dance til Dawn = Mango Coconut Cooler = Tropical Tango
Desert Heat = Palo Santo
*Desert Rain = *Sweet Fern
Dolce = Vanilla Bean Noel
Den = Havana = Havana Heat = Lavender & Agarwood = Ski Den
Electric Tokyo = Hearts & Flowers = Love = WB Mothers Day 2014 = Peony Petals = Pink Petals = Tokyo Petals
Espresso Bar = Gourmet Espresso = Harvest Coffee= Winter Café
Eucalyptus & Cotton = Frosty Air
Eucalyptus Mint & Rain = Eucalyptus Mint & Waves = White Barn Summer
Farmstand Apple = Heirloom Apple = Suncrisp Apple
Fireside Christmas = Yuletide - firewood bundle, pine needles, crisp eucalyptus, smoked incense
Fireside Pine = Golden Woods = The Original = Winter Cedar
First Bloom = Fresh Blossom (Live in Sunshine)
First Frost = Peppered Suede
Flannel = Gold Coast = Paradise Cove
Flirt = Paris Daydream = Spring Blue Skies (Fresh)
French Garden = Peach Lavender
French Lavender = Lavender Linens (Relax)
Fresh Coconut & Cotton = Coconut & Cotton
Fresh Cut Lilac = Lilac
*Fresh Mint & Coconut = *Summer Terrace
Fresh Water & Sea Salt = Sea to Santorini
Frosted Cranberry = Merry Christmas = *Thanksgiving Feast
Garden Strawberry = Strawberry = Strawberry Patch
Gelato = Raspberry Peach Macaron = Sweet Macaron
Georgia Peach = Georgia Market Peach = Golden Peach Sparkle = Peach Meringue = White Peach
Glacier Lagoon = Glacier Mist
Go With the Flow = Topaz Waters = Turquoise Waters
Gold Coast = Flannel = Paradise Cove
Golden Pineapple Luau = Pina Colada Smoothie
Green Daisy = Green Grass = Sunlit Gardens = Sunshine& Green Daisies (Happy)
Havana Heat = Leather & Sweet Tobacco (Ski Den) - fine leather, sweet tobacco, caramel
Heirloom Apple = Honeycrisp Apple
Heirloom Garden = Tomato Garden
Holly Berry Balsam = Merry Mistletoe
Homemade Cookie = Merry Cookie
Hometown Sugar Cookies = Twas the Night Before Christmas
Honeysuckle = Honeysuckle Bouquet
Hot Cocoa & Cream = Easter Bunny = Hippity Hop = Ohio
*Iced Coconut Milk = *White Velvet Coconut
*Iced Vanilla Woods = *White Birch
Island Papaya = Pineapple Mango = Papaya Sunrise
Island Sands = White Sands
*Jade (Healing Spell) = *Incense
Lakeshore Drive = Refresh = Renew & Refresh = Seashore = The Keys
Lakeside = Verbena Waters
Land of Sweets = Sugared Pomegranate
Lavender Market = Peace
Lemon & Fig = Sunny Fig
Lemon Drops = Limoncello = Sugared Lemon Zest = Sugared Lemons
Lemon Zest / Sugared Lemonade (?)
Limoncello = Sugared Lemon Zest
Love = Electric Tokyo = Hearts & Flowers = Mothers Day 2014 = Peony Petals = Pink Petals = Tokyo Petals
Mad About Madrid = Tailgate II = Texas = Tobacco Flower
Mahogany Teakwood = Black Teakwood = Ocean Driftwood (2014)
Malibu Citrus Glow = Peach Bellini = Sweet Peach & Nectarine
Mango Cilantro = Peach Cilantro Twist
*Mango Dragonfruit = *Merry Mango = Sweet Maui Mango = Tiki Dragonfruit (Chase the Sun)
Mango Mai Tai = Tiki Mango Mai Tai
Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Marble Toffee = Summer Boardwalk
Market Herbs = Tuscan Herbs
Marshmallow Fireside = Smoked Vanilla = Trick or Treat
Marshmallow Fluff = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
Merry Mistletoe = Winter Wreath
Midnight Blue Citrus = Snowflakes & Citrus
*Mint Chocolate II (2013) =*Peppermint Brownie
North Avenue Beach = Tiki Beach
*Ocean Driftwood = *Mahogany Teakwood (according to the Candle Channel)
Orange Cream Soda = Orange Creamsicle
Pacific Coast Highway = Winter Sun
Pacific Ocean Air = Sea Salt & Balsam
Palm Leaves = White Palm
*Papaya Sunrise = *Sunset Beach (papaya, pineapple, sugarcane
Paris = Pink Champagne = Sparkling Berries & Pears
*Paris Café = But First Coffee = *Café Au Lait = Campsite Coffee = Intense Coffee
Passionflower = Pink Apple Punch
Passionfruit Cupcake = Pineapple Crumb Cake
Pineapple Mango = Sugarcane Pineapple
Pink Fairy Gumdrop = Be Mine
Pink Passionfruit = Red Guava Lava = Rio Red Guava
Pink Pineapple Sunrise = Orange Pineapple Punch
Pink Prosecco Frosting = Sweet Macron
Pink Watermelon = Pink Watermelon Blast (b) = Sugared Watermelon
*Pistachio & Toasted Vanilla = *Pistachio Cream Puff
Pomegranate = Wild Huckleberry
Poolside = Sunny St. Tropez = Suntan = The Perfect Summer
Poolside Daydream = Sun Soaked Sandalwood
Poppy Sunshine = Wild Poppies
Pumpkin Coconut = Spiced Madeline = Toasted Coconut
Pumpkin Milkshake = Vanilla Snowflake
Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Vanilla = Pumpkin Vanilla Creme
*Pumpkin Snickerdoodle = *Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Pumpkin Spice Latte = Sweet Tiramisu
Renew & Refresh = Seashore = Sydney Harbor
Rainforest Gardenia = Seaside Gardenia = White Gardenia
Raspberries & Whipped Vanilla = Unicorn Sprinkles
Pink Lemonade Punch (Smile) = Raspberry Citrus Swirl = Sparkling Sugarplum
Salted Caramel = Salted Caramel Corn
Salted Grapefruit Shore = Land of Sweets = Sugared Pomegranate
Salted Ocean Air = Sunlit Cashmere
Salted White Mango (I Need Vitamin C) = Sun-Drenched Mango
*Sand & Sea = *Sea Salt & Sandalwood
Sandalwood & Suede = Vetiver Sandalwood
Sangria Berry Fizz = Sparkling Berry Fizz
Sea Grass = Snap Peas
Sea Island Blossom = Sunlit Cashmere
Sea Island Cotton = Sea Island Shore
*Sea Salt & Palms = OG Blue Bungalow
*Sea Spray = *Turquoise Waters
Sensual Amber = Sparkling Amber
Sicilian Orange = Sweet Clementine
Smoked Berries & Incense = Wine Cellar
Snow Fall II = Spruce
Snowflakes & Cashmere = Chestnuts & Argon
Sparkling Limoncello = Sugared Lemon Zest
Strawberry Picnic = Cotton Candy Marshmallow = Strawberry Sorbet
Sugared Blueberry Donut = Santa's Blueberry Shortbread (b)
Sugared Cherry Crisp = Sweet Cherry Pie
Sun-Washed Citrus = Capri Citron = Merci Beaucoup
Sunlit Cashmere = Sea Island Blossom
Sunshine Glow = Cozy Cashmere
*Sweet Sugar Sprinkles = *Cotton Candy Skies
Sweet Tea & Lemonade = London = London Calling = Tea & Lemon
The Perfect Summer = Poolside = Suntan
Toasted Coconut = Toffee Brittle
Toasted Coconut Cookie = Toasted Coconut Eclair = Toasted Coconut S'mores
Vanilla & Coconut = Vanilla Snowflake
Vanilla & Musk = Marshmallow Musk
Vanilla Bean (2019) = Vanilla Bean Macaron = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
Vanilla & Santal = White Birch & Citrus
Warm Apple Pie = Apple Cardamom
Weekend In Rome = Prosecco & Peaches
White Sage & Aloe = Wild Sage & Aloe
Winter Woods = NOOK
Wisteria Garden = Merci Paris / Thank You

BBW Soap:
Bright Autumn Sky = Bright Winter Sky
Blueberry Crumble / Blueberry Glazed Donut
Cherry Frost = Firecracker Fizz = Firecracker Pop
Coconut Pineapple / Paradise Coconut
Island Papaya = Island Punch
Sea Island Cotton/Sea Island Shore

BBW Misc:
Candle: Champagne Margarita = Candle: Moscow Mule = Hand Soap: Kitchen Lime
Candle: Dark Chocolate Truffles = Body Care: Chocolate Covered Cherry
Candle: Lavender Coconut / Lavender Sea = Body Care: Lavender Sea Salt
Candle: Meet Me in Tahiti = Body Care: Sunkissed*
Candle: Pineapple Palm Grass = Body Care: Golden Pineapple Luau
Candle: Pink Rose & Leather = Hand Soap: Twilight Rose
Candle: Pink Watermelon = Body Care: Pink Watermelon Blast
Candle: Pink Watermelon = Room Spray: Sugared Watermelon
Candle: *Pistachio & Toasted Vanilla = Hand Soap: *Pistachio Cream Puff
Candle: Sunset Desert = Room Spray: Desert Sunset
Candle: Radiant Red Maple = Body Care: Emerald Mist
Wallflower: Rain-Kissed Petals = Wallflower: Rose Petals & Linen
Wallflower: Strawberry Daiquiri = Wallflower: Frozen Daiquiri*

*dupe asserted but not quite confirmed
Dupes/Near Dupe/Designer Dupes:
A Thousand Christmas Wishes /A Thousand Wishes For You = *Merry Cherry Cheer / *Sweet Summer Sunset
BBW *After Dark = *Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Cologne
BBW Afternoon Sunshine = BBW Sunset By the Pool (2014) = Kayali Eden Juicy Apple Perfume
BBW Bergamot & Mandarin / Happiness = BBW Sunrise Yoga = Tangelo Woods
BBW Bergamot Woods = GC Bergamot Mist (similar)
BBW Blackberries & Basil = BBW Blackberry Tea Leaf (nearly identicle)
BBW Blue Bungalow II = Illuminations Ocean Candle
BBW Blueberry Glazed Donut = BBW Blueberry Crumble
BBW Blueberry Lavender Spritzer =BBW Blueberry Lavender Lemonade
BBW Bora Bora Citrus Surf / BBW Sun-Washed Citrus = *Iced Paspberry Bellini
BBW Bonfire Bash = Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume
BBW Bonfire Bash = Replica By The Fireplace Perfume (about a 95% dupe)
BBW Bourbon = Cavalli Uomo Cologne (Bourbon is a younger/neutered Uomo)
*BBW Bright Christmas Morning = *BBW Iced Raspberry Bellini (IRB has more berry)
BBW Cactus Blossom = GC Sunday Drive
*BBW Cafe in Venice = *BBW Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla & Paris Cafe
BBW Candy Hearts = BBW Pink Fairy Gumdrop = BBW Tutti Frutti
BBW Cereal Marshmallow Bar = BBW Key Lime Pie = BBW Rainbow Confetti = GC Key Lime Cake Pop
BBW Chamomile/Calming = BBW Lavender Chamomile
BBW Champagne Apple & Honey (candle) = Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner
BBW Champagne Margarita = BBW Frosted Moscow Mule
BBW Champagne Toast = BBW You Are Loved = GC Champagne Sparkle / Champagne Bubbles
BBW Cherry Frost = BBW Firecracker Fizz
BBW Cider Lane = GC Carnival Apple ( GC is sweeter)
BBW Cinnamon Stick & Waikiki Beach = BBW Tropical Spice (90-95% dupe but CS&W has WB's fruity sweetness)
BBW Citrus Crystals = BBW Sugared Orange & Vanilla
BBW Clear Horizon = Versace Eau Fraiche Cologne
BBW Cloud Nine = *BBW Lavender In Bloom = BBW Rainbow Juice (so similar they might be the same scent)
*BBW Coco Paradise = *BBW Island White Sands (according to bbw reviewer)
BBW Coco Shea Honey /BBW Honey Wildflower = *Sweet Almond & Honey (SBND - all 3 share same honey note)
BBW Coconut = BBW Coconut Vanilla = BBW Exotic Coconut
BBW Coconut & Cotton = BBW Fresh Coconut & Cotton
BBW Coconut Cream Pie = BBW Exotic Coconut (CCP is lighter version of EC)
BBW Coconut Pineapple = BBW Iced Pineapple (as close as it gets)
BBW Cozy Sunday Morning = BBW Lavender Sandalwood (Wellness Collection)
BBW Cranberry Orange Seltzer = BBW Cranberry Pear Bellini (SBND- COS is stronger)
BBW Cranberry Orange Seltzer = Capri Volcano (dupe according to bbw reviewer)
BBW Ebony Sands = BBW Tobacco Flower = GC Autumn Walk (near dupe – close as it gets)
BBW Emerald Mist = Ariana Grande God Is A Woman Perfume = *Escada Candy Love

BBW *Eucalyptus Springs = *Laundry Day (same/similar notes: eucalyptus, fresh air/spring water, lavender)
Fairytale = Coty Tribe Perfume
BBW Fall in Bloom = Burberry Her (according to bbw site reviewer)
BBW Flowerchild = Marc Jacobs Perfect Perfume
BBW Fresh Vanilla Frosting/Merry Cookie = Christmas Cookies (CC has almond note)
BBW Gingham Fresh = Victoria's Secret Pear Glace (OG)
*BBW Gingham Gorgeous = *Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume
BBW Gingham Gorgeous = Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 68 Perfume
*BBW Golden Pineapple Luau = *BBW Pineapple Palm Grass
BBW Golden Sunflower = Estee Lauder Pleasures
BBW Happy Vibes = Viva La Juicy LaFleur Perfume
BBW Hero = Usher for Men Cologne
BBW Hibiscus Paradise = Yankee Candle Sun & Sand (according to one reviewer)
BBW Honey Wildflower = BBW Coco Shea Honey (same honey note)
BBW Honey Wildflower = BBW Sweet Almond & Honey
BBW *Leather & Brandy = BBW *Vintage
BBW Marshmallow Fireside = BBW Smoked Vanilla = GC Creepy Critters = GC Marshmallows = *Sonoma Toasted Marshmallow
BBW Mahogany Coconut = GC Mahogany Boardwalk
BBW Mahogany Teakwood = Better Homes & Gardens Salted Coconut & Mahogany
BBW Night Blooming Jasmine = Victoria's Secret Bombshell Paris Perfume (BP+ cedar note)
BBW *On the Waves = BBW *Mineral (bbw employee confirmed this via reddit)
BBW One in a Million = Gucci Bloom Perfume
BBW Open Sky = Marc Jacobs Perfect Perfume
BBW Pink Chiffon = GC White Coral (?)
BBW Pink Pineapple Sunrise = Fresh Pineapple (as close as it gets)
BBW Poolside Cocont Colada = BBW Fresh Coconut Colada
BBW Poppy = Coach Poppy Perfume
BBW Raspberries & Whipped Vanilla = BBW Unicorn Sprinkles
BBW Rain-Kissed Petals = BBW Rose Petals & Linen
BBW Salted Caramel Old Fashioned = Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
BBW Salted Ocean Air/Sunlit Cashmere = YC Lemon Lavender
BBW Sandalwood & Vanilla = The Healing Garden ZZZtherapy
BBW Sea Island Shore = BBW Sea Island Cotton
BBW Strawberry Daiquiri = Frozen Daiquiri*
BBW Sugared Cherry Crisp = GC Cherry Cobbler
BBW Sun-Washed Citrus = Anthropology Capri Blue Volcano
BBW Sunkissed = Tom Ford Soleil Blanc* (Sunkissed is a little sharper)
BBW Sunset Desert = Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Perfume
aBBW Sweater Weather = GC Tree Cutting
BBW Sweet Sugar Sprinkles = BBW Cotton Candy Skies*
BBW Watermelon Lemonade = GC Watermelon Bubblegum
BBW Whipped Berry Meringue = BBW Boardwalk Taffy = BBW Cotton Candy Clouds
BBW Whipped Vanilla Chiffon = GC Whipped Vanilla Dreams
BBW Wild Madagascar Vanilla = GC Warm Kiss*
BBW Whiskey Reserve* = Paco Robannes Invictus Aqua*
BBW White Tea & Sage = Elizabeth Arden White Tea Perfume
BBW Wicked Apple* = BBW Cider Lane = BBW Spooky Cider Lane*
BBW Winter Candy Apple = GC Snow Covered Apple
BBW Winter Garland = Slatkin Homeworx Mistletoe Magic
BBW Vampire Blood = GC Midnight Berry
BBW Vanilla & Santal = BBW Coconut Sandalwood

Smells Like...
BBW Afternoon Sunshine = VS Bombshell (similar- about 90% dupe)
BBW Afternoon Sunshine = BBW Lakeside Citrus (swap LC citrus w/ AS peach apple combo)
BBW Almond Blossom = BBW Rice Flower & Shea (close/similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Aloe & Palm = BBW Lakeside Morning (SBND – A&P a hint more cologne)
BBW Aloe Water = BBW Juniper Breeze = fabric softener
BBW Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit = BBW Cucumber & Lily (similar) = laundry on a tropical island
BBW Amethyst Dreams = Paul Sebastian Design Perfume (SBND)
BBW Amethyst Waves = BBW Blush Cardigan (SBND)
BBW Among The Clouds = Escada Rockin Rio EDT (SBND)
BBW Apple Garland = BBW Autumn (AG is "autumn with a twist.")
BBW Apple Pumpkin Pancakes = BBW Dutch Apple Waffle (APP spicy & more maple forward)
BBW At the Beach = BBW Honolulu Sun (SBND - sister scents according to Reddit)
BBW At the Beach = Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume = Victoria's Secret Tease Dreamer
BBW Atlantic = Invictus Aqua Cologne = Yves Saint Lauren Y Cologne
BBW Autumn Drive = BBW Buttercups & Bellinis (SBND )
BBW Autmn Drive = Bubbalicious/Hubba Bubba fruity/watermelon Bubble Gum (body lotion)
BBW Awakening Sun = BBW Neroli Blossom & Bergamot = Reset = Uplifting Boost
BBW Banana Cabana = Laffy Taffy/Now & Later/Runts Banana Candy = The Mirage Hotel/Casino
BBW Beautiful Day = 90's Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo
BBW Bergamot Waters = Dolce & Gabana Light Blue Perfume
BBW Berry Waffle Cone = Crunch Berries Cereal
BBW Birchwood Trail = BBW Vanilla Birch = BBW Wine Cellar (SBND - cousin scents)
BBW Black Amythest = Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume ( BA is sweeter & softer)
BBW Black Amythest = Allure Sensusuelle (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Black Cherry Seltzer = Cherry Sprite Soda
BBW Black Currant Cedarwood = BBW Red Currant & Thyme Tea (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Black Tie = Christian Dio Farenheit Cologne (SBND - according to bbw reviewer)
BBW Blackberries & Basil = Juicebar Gummy Bears Perfume = Strawberry Shortcake Figurines
BBW Blue Bungalow II = Blue Lagoon Shea Sugar Scrub = Jersey Shore in the Summer
BBW Blue Ocean Waves = Soarin/Flight of Passage Ocean Scent Disney Ride
BBW Blue Orchard Skies = Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner
BBW Blue Raspberry Snow Cone = BBW Raspberry Mimosa (similar) = Bomb Pops
BBW Blueberry Crumble = Blueberry Stinky Feet
BBW Blueberry Glazed Donut = Blueberry Stinky Feet
BBW Blueberry Pumpkin Patch = Pumpkin Spiced Blueberry Muffin + Trix Cereal (*TCC)
BBW Blueberry Pumpkin Patch = Berry Pumpkin Struedel (SBND)
BBW Boathouse Row = Burberry London Cologne
BBW Bonfire Bash = Victorias Secret Bare Vanilla (SBND - BB has toasted marshmallow note)
BBW Bonfire Bash = BBW Autumn Nights (SBND)
BBW Bonfire Bash = BBW Sweet Whiskey (SBND - sister scents SW has added berry note)
BBW Bourbon = Dior Homme/Homme Intense = Ed Hardy Villain = Prada L'Homme (SBND)
BBW Bourbon = Dolce & Gabbana The One (SBND less boozy -dry down is a little different)
BBW Bourbon = Thann Aromatic Wood Collection (SBND for the soap)
BBW Bright Christmas Morning = BBW Champagne Toast = BBW Grapefruit Foze (SBND)
BBW Bright Summer Day = BBW Honolulu Sun (similar notes but NOT a dupe)
BBW Bronzed Sunset = BBW In the Sun = Perfect Beach Day (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Brown Sugar & Fig = Diptique Philosykos (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Beautiful Day = DKNY Be Delicious (SBND)
BBW Beautiful Day = Original Herbal Essence Shampoo from the 90's (basically a dupe)
BBW Bright Citrus Sunflower = Atelier Orange Sanguine Perfume/Cologne
BBW Bubbly Rosé = Glade Country Berry = Hobby Lobby Raspberry Bergamot Candle
BBW Butterfly = BBW Sweet Pea (SP is "young & sugary" Butterfly is SP's floral/clean sister)
BBW Butterscotch Toffee = BBW Pumpkin French Toast (SBND - has carmel/burnt sugar note)
BBW Butterscotch Toffee = BBW Salted Butterscotch (SBND - similar strength & throw)
BBW Buttery Popcorn = BBW Sweet Kettle Corn (similar but SKC has added caramel note)
BBW Candied Violet Sorbet = Gap Dream Perfume = Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet Perfume
BBW Candied Violet Sorbet = BBW Open Sky (similar but CVS is lighter & sweeter)
BBW Caramel Cream Soda = Root Beer Bottlecaps Candy
BBW Caramel Cream Soda = BBW Vanilla Cola Candy (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Cereal & Cartoons = Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
BBW Chamomile = BBW Sleep / Lavender & Chamomile
BBW Champagne Toast = Mimosas = Amoxicillin Pink Bubble Gum Medicine
BBW Cherry Blossom Sangria = Shirly Temple Cocktail/Mocktail
BBW Cherry Frost = BBW Firecracker Pop = Cherry Coke/Cola = Marichino Cherries
BBW Cherry Limeade = Gummy Bears = Gummy Worms
BBW Cherry Mocha = Cella/Queen Anne's Cherry Cordial Chocolates
BBW Cider Lane = BBW Caramel Apple / BBW Wicked Apple (SBND - CA/WA is more tart)
BBW Cider Lane = BBW Radiant Red Maple (SBND - according to a bbw reviewer)
BBW Cinnamon & Sandalwood/Cozy = Hot Farrina Cereal w/ cinnamon
BBW Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla = Cinnamon Sugared Donuts/Churros/Snickerdoodles
BBW Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla & Hot Cocoa & Cream = Abuelita Hot Chocolate
BBW Citron & Tonic = Juniper & Gin (SBND -sister scents)
BBW Citrus & Vetiver = Nag Champa (according to a bbw reviewer )
BBW Citrus Crystals/Sugared Orange & Vanilla = Orange Soda
BBW Cloud Nine = BBW French Lavender & Honey = BBW Lovely Dreamer (SBND)
BBW Cloud Nine = Victoria's Secret Midnight Bloom (CN is less woodsy than MB)
BBW Coastal Hydrangeas = Summer Picnic Daisy (SPD is sweeter & fruitier)
BBW Coastal Sun = Orange Glo Wood Cleaner
BBW Coco Paradise = BBW Copper Coconut Sands (CCS more creamy mature/CP more suntan beachy)
BBW Coco Paradise = BBW Midnight Amber Glow = BBW Shea Cashmere (SBND)
BBW Coco Paradise = Coty Sand & Sable EDT = JLO Miami Glow EDT = Victoria's Secret Liquid Coconut (SBND)
BBW Coco Paradise = Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume= Estee Lauder Sensual Nude Perfume (SBND)
BBW Coco Paradise = Thierry Mugler Alien Goddess Perfume (similar salty sandalwood note but CP more coconut)
BBW Coffee & Whiskey = BBW White Pumpkin Oakwood (SBND)
BBW Coffee & Whiskey = Irish Creamer + Carmex (without the methal note)
BBW Coffee & Whiskey = Vanilla Tobacco Baby Power = Sam/Dean Winchester
BBW Confetti Daydream = BBW Daydream = Ralph Lauren Ralph Perfume
BBW Copper Coconut Sands = BBW Oahu Coconut Sunset (similar but NOT a dupe CCS is softer)
BBW Cotton Candy Champagne = Faygo Strawberry Pop = Strawberry Shortcake Doll's Hair
BBW Cozy Linen = Downy Fabric Softner (blue cap) = Bounce Dryer Sheets
BBW Crystal Waters = Disney World Soarin' Ocean Scent & Avatar Animal Kingdom Ride
BBW Cuddle Weather = BBW Cereal & Cartoons (SBND according to multiple reviews)
BBW Cuddle Weather = BBW Gingerbread Marshmallow (SBND- CW is spicier than GM)
BBW Cuddle Weather = Sonoma PJs All Day (might be a dupe - need more proof)
BBW Cypress & Amber = BBW Iced Vanilla Woods = BBW Marshmallow Fireside (SBND)
BBW Dahlia = Christian Dior Dune Perfume (SBND)
BBW Dark Amber & Oud = BBW Bowties & Bourbon = Peppered Suede (SBND -scent cousins)
BBW Dark Amber & Oud = Dior Sauvage Cologne (SBND)
BBW Dark Chocolate = Cherry Cordials
BBW Daydream = Escada's Fiesta Carioca
BBW Disco Daydream = BBW Sun Blooms & Suede (SBND)
BBW Emerald Mist = Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar Perfume = Glossier You Perfume (SBND)
BBW Emerald Mist = Dove Pear Body Wash
BBW Emerald Mist = Brittany Spears Curious = Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt (SBND)
BBW Enchanted Candy Potion = Candy Hearts = Pink Fairy Gumdrops (cotton candy/smarties)
BBW Fairytale = BBW Sunset Glow (similar but FT warm citrus & SG is more sweet & powdery)
BBW Fairytale = Paco Rabanne Olympia = Yves St Laurent Libre Perfume (SBND )
BBW Firecracker Pop = BBW Cherry Frost = Hawaiian Punch
BBW Flowerchild = Newborn Baby Smell
BBW Forever Red = Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) NYC Perfume (dupe according to TikTok guy)
BBW Forever Sunshine = Orange Dreamsicles
BBW Fresh Bamboo = BBW Fresh Cut Bamboo = NEST Bamboo (SBND – u like one, u like all)
BBW Fresh Cotton & Coconut = Happy Coconut (shares HC coconut note + beach + cotton)
BBW Fresh Cut Lilacs = BBW Pink Lilac & Vanilla (SBND - PL&V lighter/creamier/sweeter))
BBW Fresh Flower Picking = BBW Flowering Herbs (SBND)
BBW Fresh Getaway = BBW French Riviera (not a dupe- but the closest to FR BBW makes)
BBW Fresh Getaway = Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume (SBND)
BBW Fresh Sheets = Gain Laundry Detergent
BBW Fresh Spring Morning = BBW Fresh Water & Aloe (very similar)
BBW Fresh Spring Morning = Biolage Shampoo & Conditioner
BBW Freshwater = Armani Acqua De Gio
BBW Fruity Sherbet Scoop = Smarties Candies
BBW Garden Basil & Lime = Lime Jello
BBW Georgia Peach = BBW Market Peach = Haribo Peach Rings Candy
BBW Gingham = GAP Dream Perfume = Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
BBW Gingham Fresh = BBW Lavender & Spring Apricot (sub L&SA lavender for GF pear note)
BBW Gingham Gorgeous = BBW Pretty As A Peach (SBND – GG is lighter & sweeter bc of strawberry note)
BBW Gingham Gorgeous = Burberry Her Perfume (SBND)
BBW Gingham Gorgeous = Victoria's Secret Love Addict Perfume (SBND – mostly on the dry down) =
BBW Gingham Gorgeous = Slightly Floral Strawberry Champagne
BBW Gingham Heart of Gold = BBW Heirloom Apple (similar fragrance notes)
BBW Gingham Legend / Legend = Kenneth Cole Reaction Cologne (SBND)
BBW Gingham Love = BBW Be Joyful (SBND)
BBW Gingham Vibrant = BBW Among the Clouds = Venice Dolce Berry (SBND)
BBW Gingham Vibrant = Ariana Grande Ari Perfume (SBND)
BBW Gingham Vibrant = Brittney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume = Lalique Amethyst (SBND)
BBW Glacier Mist / Glacier Lagoon = Irish Spring Soap
BBW Golden Honeycomb = BBW Salted Butterscotch (SBND)
BBW Golden Mango Lagoon = Fanta Orange Soda
BBW Golden Ocean Pearl = Shalimar Perfume
BBW Green Clover & Aloe = BBW Herbal Mist (SBND)
BBW Happy Vibes = Victoria's Secret Temptation Lace Perfume (SBND)
BBW Hinoki Wood & Lavender = BBW Lavender Bergamot (SBND)
BBW Hinoki Wood & Lavender = Henri Bendel Quince Perfume (SBND)
BBW Holiday = Cinnamon Brooms
BBW Iced Coconut Milk = BBW White Velvet Coconut (similar but WVC added a cake note)
BBW Iced Dragonfruit Tea = Arnold Palmer Drink = Boba Tea
BBW Iced Lemon Pound Cake = Bright Lemon Snowdrop
BBW In the Stars = Maison Francis Kurkdijan's Baccarrat Rouge 540 Perfume
Into the Night = Yves St Laurent Mon Paris Perfume (similar due to shared fragrance notes)
BBW Island Daydream = BBW Mango Coconut Cooler (similar)
BBW Juniper & Gin = BBW Birch Leaf & Sage (SBND - J&G is lighter)
BBW Kaleidoscope = Glossier You Perfume (SBND)
BBW Laundry Day = BBW Sun-Drenched Linen (SBND - in the same scent family)
BBW Lavender & Iris = Prada Infusion D'Iris (SBND – L&I is lighter but they share the same non-powdery iris note)
BBW Leather & Brandy = Hollister Store
BBW Mahogany Teakwood = Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne
BBW Mango Waters = Orange Starburst Candy
BBW Margarita Cupcake = Orange Dreamsicle
BBW Marigold = BBW Serenity
BBW Marshmallow Flurries = Burberry HER Perfume (SBND)
BBW Mountainside Mist = BBW White Waves (SBND)
BBW Neroli Blossom & Bergamot = BBW In The Sun = C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom EDP (SBND)
= Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Cologne (SBND)
BBW On the Waves = Lakeside Citrus (SBND -LC is citrusy scent cousin)
BBW Open Sky = Guerlain Insolence Perfume (similar but OS more of "baby sister")
BBW Orange Flower Sandalwood = Victoria's Secret Rapture Perfume (SBND)
BBW Orange Zest & Sea Spray = Orange Starburst Candy
BBW Palo Santo & Sage = Millennial Pink Sandstone Deodorant
BBW Passionfruit & Banana Flower = Fruit Punch
BBW Passionfruit & Banana Flower = BBW Vanilla Blossom (similar - could be cousins)
BBW Pastel Skies = BBW Fireside Flurries (FF is heavier w/ smokey marshmallow notes)
BBW Peach Prosecco Macaron = BBW Raspberry Mimosa (similar but NOT a dupe)
BBW Peach Prosecco Macaron = Haribo Peach Ring Candy
BBW Pink Chiffon = Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume = Aquolina Pink Sugar Pefume (SBND)
BBW Pink Fairy Gumdrop = Lush Snow Fairy
BBW Pink Pineapple Sunrise = BBW Pink Pineapple (SBND)
BBW Pink Rose & Leather = Frostbeard Studios Sherlock's Study (SBND) (it's SS w hint of rose)
BBW Pink Watermelon Blast = Watermelon Jolly Rancher Candy = Watermelon Bubblegum
BBW Pistachio & Toasted Vanilla = Cheriosa '62 Bum Bum Cream (bbw site review)
BBW Poolside Cabana = Burberry Brit Perfume = Jil Sander Sun Perfume (SBND – according to bbw reviewers)
BBW Poolside Coconut Colada/Fresh Coconut Colada = BBW Creamy Coconut (SBND)
BBW Poppy = Marc Jacobs Perfect (SBND – Poppy is less powdery than MJP)
BBW Pretty As A Peach = Yardley Peach Lotion
BBW Pumpkin Clove = Michael's Craft Store Experience (*TCC)
BBW Rain-Drenched Leaves = BBW Laundry Day (SBND)
BBW Rain-Kissed Petals / Rose Petals & Linen = BBW Rose Water & Ivy (RKP + laundry note)
BBW Rain-Kissed Petals / Rose Petals & Linen = BBW Blush Poinsetta (RKP + laundry note)
BBW Restful Moon = Fire = Vanilla Patchouli/Comfort = Wicked Vanilla Woods (SBND)
BBW Restful Moon = BBW Black Amethyst OG (RM is BA w/out peony note)
BBW Rice Flower & Shea = Dolce & Gabana Sicily Perfume = The Body Shop Nut Body Butter
BBW Rice Flower & Shea = Kenzo Amour Perfume (similar but RF&S has NO incense note)
BBW RIce Flower & Shea = Sara Horowitz Perfect Veil Perfume (SBND)
BBW Rice Flower & Shea = Vanilla Play-Doh = Rice Pudding (according to a MA reviews)
BBW Rose & Lychee = Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum (SBND)
BBW Rose Water Merignue = Rose Cotton Candy
BBW Saltwater Breeze = BBW Pacific Bluff (SBND)
BBW Sandalwood & Suede = Vetiver Sandalwood = Macy's Men's Department Sweaters
BBW Sandalwood Eucalyptus = BBW Coconut Mint Drop (SBND)
BBW Sea Salt & Neroli = BBW Salted Ocean Air = Pond's Cold Cream (SBND)
BBW Sea Salt & Neroli = NEST Orange Blossom (SBND - u like one, u like the other)
BBW Sea Salt & Sails = BBW Coastal Sea Spray = BBW Falling Flurries (SBND)
BBW Sea Salt & Sails = BBW Ocean (SBND- Ocean has cooler undertone)
BBW Sedona Sands = Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume = Tommy Bahama Cologne (SBND)
BBW Smoked Old Fashioned = Replica By the Fireplace (SBND - SOF has xtra vanilla & oud)
BBW Snowflakes & Cashmere = Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals Perfume
BBW Sparkling Icicles = Disney Pandora Flight of the Passage Ride
BBW Sparkling Icicles = Georgio Armani Acqua di Gio Cologone
BBW Sparkling Orange Spritz = Flat Orange Soda
BBW Spiced Cardamom = BBW Evening Hearth (SBND)
BBW Spiced Pumpkin & Patchouli = Clubman Finest Powder (SBND)
BBW Spring Plum & Blackberries = BBW Blueberries & Cream (similar but SPAB is more tart)
BBW Starlit Night = Valentino Donna Born In Roma Perfume (same fragrance notes)
BBW Stone = Calvin Klein CK One = Creed Silver Mountain Water (reminiscent of both)
BBW Strawberry Kiwi = BBW Blissful Blackberry = BBW Poolside Pop (SBND)
BBW Strawberry Scoop = Strawberry Bubblegum
BBW Sugared Lemonade & Blueberry Sugar (HEAVY on the lemonade- LIGHT on blueberry)
BBW Sugared Snickerdoodle = BBW Sugared Shortbread (SBND)
BBW Summer Melody = Japanese Melon Soda
BBW Sunrise Woods = BBW Cozy Cashmere (close but SW doesn't have CC lavender note)
BBW Sugared Spell = Smarties Candy
BBW Sunset Desert = BBW Peppered Plum = BBW Palo Santo (SBND)
BBW Suntan = Coppertone Suntan Lotion
BBW Sweet Cinnamon Plum = BBW Peppered Plum (SBND- SCP is a holiday version of PP)
BBW Sweet Petal Pound Cake = = Billy Eilish Eillish Perfume = Lattafa Nebras Perfume
BBW Sweet Petal Pound Cake = Love's Baby Soft Perfume
BBW Sweet Red Mango = Tropical Skittles Candy
BBW Sweet Tea & Lemonade / Tea & Lemon = Slatkin HomeWorx Iced Tea & Lemonade (SBND)
BBW Sweet Whiskey = BBW Coffee & Whiskey (SBND - very close- could be cousin scents)
BBW Sweet Whiskey = BBW Midnight Amber Glow (SBND -MAG is softer & sweeter)
BBW Toasted Butterscotch Latte = BBW Toasted Vanilla Chai (might be a dupe - must confirm)
BBW Toasted Coconut Eclair / BBW Toasted Coconut S'mores = Almond Joy Candy Bar
BBW Twilight Rose = BBW Wild Flower Rose = Mr. Meyers Rose Hand Soap (SBND)
BBW Twinkling Midnight Sky = BBW Midnight Swim (similar but TMS has vanilla added)
BBW Under the Sun = Hawaiian Tropics Products in the 80's = Sun Bum Brand Products
BBW Vanilla & Musk / Marshmallow Musk = The Body Shop White Musk Perfume = LUSH store
BBW Vanilla & Santal = LeLabo Santal = Tom Ford Santal Blush Perfume (SBND)
BBW Vanilla Patchouli/Comfort = BBW Restful Moon (SBND- VP has stronger patchouli note)
BBW Vintage = bbw Suede (similar but NOT a dupe - vintage is more spicey)
BBW Wash & Fold = Hard Rock Hotel Universal Studios Orlando
BBW Watermelon & Wild Mint = Watermelon Mojitos
BBW Watermelon Mojito = BBW Pink Watermelon (SBND -both “green” chilled watermelon)
BBW Watermelon Mojito = Brittney Spears Island Fantasy (SBND)
BBW Whipped Coconut Milkshake = Coconut Macaroons = Thai Coconut Butter Biscuits/Cookies
BBW Whiskey Reserve = Mont Blanc Legend Spirit Cologne (SBND)
BBW White Jasmine = BBW Gardenia (similar) = BBW Winter White Jasmine (possible dupe)
BBW White T-Shirt = Clean Laundry = Irish Spring Soap
BBW White Tea & Sage = H20 Green Tea Perfume (SBND)
BBW Wicked Vanilla Woods = Replica By the Fireplace EDT (SBND)
BBW Wild Madagascar Vanilla = BBW Forever Red Vanilla Rum (SBND - boozy vanilla scent)
BBW Winter Garland = Robust Cranberry Champagne + Orange Juice + Christmas Tree
BBW Winter Garland = Berry Spritzer/Juniper Pine (SBND)
BBW Winter White Woods = BBW Yuletide (SBND)
BBW Vanilla Balsam = Fresh Balsam Ice Cream (*TCC)

*SBND = Similar but NOT a dupe - subject to change with reviewers opinions & consensus

Dupes With a Twist
Afternoon Sunshine = Wrapped in Sunshine + Aromatherapy Hot Springs Spa
Amethyst Waves = Blush Cardigan + Cozy Season
Among The Clouds = Bubble Gum Pop + Pinkberry Clouds + Whipped Berry Merignue / Cotton Candy Clouds
Among The Clouds = Black Raspberry & Vanilla + Champagne Toast
Among The Clouds = Winterberry Wonder + Happy Vibes (3/4 WW, 1/4 HV)
Autumn Drive = Buttercups & Berry Bellini + Summer Melody
Beach Nights = Dream in the Sky + Vanilla Bean Noel
Berry Fruit Punch = Orange Pineapple Punch + Pink Apple Punch
Bourbon = Christian Dior Homme + Dolce & Gabbana The One
Bright Christmas Morning = Bubbly Rose + Champagne Toast
Bubbly Rose = Frosted Cranberry + Rose Champagne (BR has a more robust orange)
Buttercups & Bellinis = Paris Amor + Strawberry Soda
Butterfly = Fairytale + Sweet Pea
Butterfly = Paris Amour + Sweet Pea
Butterfly = Sweet Pea + Secret Wonderland
Cinnamon Stick & Waikiki Beach = Waikiki Beach + Tropical Spice (Cinnamon Beach!)
Cloud Nine = Butterfly + Fall In Bloom
Coco Paradise = Fresh Coconut & Cotton + Honolulu Sun (CP has FC&C salt note & HS perfumed coconut note)
Coco Paradise = At The Beach + Copper Coconut Sands + Hibiscus Paradise (salty, creamy, exotic)
Coconut & Vetiver = Coconut Sandalwood + Fiji White Sands (warmth meets elegance)
Cotton Candy Champagne = Champagne Sprinkles + Pink Fairy Gumdrop
Cuddle Weather = Cozy Cashmere + Spiced Gingerbread
Cuddle Weather = Ginger Marshmallow + Tea & Cakes
Cypress & Amber = Flannel + Marshmallow Fireside (a feminine version of Flannel)
Emerald Mist = Kaleidoscope (EM is a fresher version of Kaleidoscope)
Sea Salt & Sails = Deep Blue Sea + Sparkling Icicles
Happy Vibes = Golden Clementine & Amber + Sunshine Mimosa
Iced Winter Balsam = Fresh Balsam + Lemon
Gingham Fresh = Air Pear Blossom + Love & Sunshine
Gingham Gorgeous = Champagne Toast (sub citrus fizz for more peachy scent)
Gingham Love = Gingham + You're the One (fruity, sexy & sensual)
Golden Ocean Pearl = Sunrise Woods (GOP is the "summer" version of SW)
Midnight Amber Glow = Coffee & Whiskey + Sweet Whiskey (sub coffee for caramel)
Mineral & Sea Salt = Saltwater Breeze + Midnight Swim + Seawater
Palo Santo & Sage = Palo Santo + White Tea & Sage
Pink Petal Tea Cake = Rose Water Merignue + Strawberry Pound Cake
Pink Pineapple Sunrise = Pink Velvet Cupcake (PVC with a pineapple twist)
Poppy = Butterfly + Gingham
Prosecco & Peaches = Georgia Peach / Market Peach + Peach Bellini
Red, White & Blue Cake = Blueberry Pie + Wildberry Donut
Restful Moon = Vanilla Patchouli/Comfort + Fire (+ sandalwood note)
Sapphire Quartz = Bergamot Waters + Midnight Blue Citrus
Sea Salt & Sails = Deep Blue Sea + Sparkling Icicles (cologne type of scent)
Spiced Pumpkin & Patchouli = Pumpkin Carving + Patchouli (spicy, warm, earthy, woody)
Under the Sun = Banana Cabana + Coconut Coolada
Vanilla & Santal = Palo Santo + Vanilla Birch (sweeter & more complex than PS)
Whipped Coconut Milkshake = Coconut Cream Pie + Vanilla Coconut (creamy coconut)

Aloe & Palm = Lakeside Morning = Warm Ocean Breeze
Among The Clouds = Black Raspberry & Vanilla (ATC is BR&V's sweeter sister) = Love Love Love
Apple Flower / Pink Apple Punch = Green Apple Champagne, Green Apple Orchard, Passionflower (?), Wasabi Apple, Weekend Apple Picking
Apple Pumpkin Packcakes = Dutch Apple Waffle
At the Beach = Honoluli Sun + Summertime Surf + Copper Coconut Sands (scent cousins)
Autumn Sky / Sunlit Cedar = Crisp Morning Air
Autumn Night = Evening Hearth (A is EH's big brother)
Banana Pumpkin Muffin = Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding
Beach Sage & Mint = Summer Terrace (minus BS&M's sharp bergamot note)
Black Sands = Perfect Waves / EM & Waves = WB Summer = Eucalyptus Mint & Rain
Black Tea & Rose = Golden Amber Oak
Blackberry Bramble Tea = Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
Blue Orchard Skies = Country Apple (similar but NOT a dupe)
Blue Sage & Sandalwood = Magnificent Milan
Blueberry Maple Pancakes = Blueberry Pumpkin Patch = Blackberry Bramble Tea
Blueberry Pumpkin Strudel = Spiced Pumpkin Cider
Bora Bora Citrus Surf / Sun-Washed Citrus = Bright Christmas Morning = Bubbly Rose = Champagne Toast = Grapefuit Forze = Iced Raspberry Bellini (one big happy bubbly/sweet family!)
Bourbon Butterscotch = Hot Buttered Rum
Bourbon Maple = Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel
Bowties & Bourbon + Ocean Mist & Citrus = Blue Bungalow
Bronzed Sunset = Suntan (BS has slightly creamy note)
Cardamom & Suede / Holly Jolly Christmas / Autumn Nights = Autumn Day
Cashmere & Oak / Winter Woods = Peppercorn
Celebrate = Tis the Season (minus TTS pine note)
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl = Gingerbread & Caramel
Cloud Nine = Cozy Sunday Morning = Snowflakes & Cashmere
Coastal Oak & Sea Salt II = Orange Blossom & Driftwood = Sea Salt & Linen
Coco Paradise = At The Beach = Beachfront Blanket = Cool Coconut Surf = Copper Coconut Sands = In The Sun
Coconut Mango Cooler + Champagne Toast = Tropical Tango (Dance Til Dawn)
Cotton Candy Marshmallow / Strawberry Picnic / Strawberry Sorbet = Saltwater Taffy
Creamy Pumpkin = White Pumpkin (same Slatkin recipe w/ less spice than WP)
Dark Kiss = Little Black Party Dress (note: both are fruity, patchouli-forward sister scents)
Emerald Mist = Autumn / Pear & Cashmere Woods (cousins -share the same pear note)
Evening Hearth = Pumpkin Hayride (similar but NOT a dupe)
Farmstand Apple + Frosted Cranberry = Iced Cranapple
Flowerchild = Butterfly + Poppy + Open Sky
Fresh Bamboo = Rain Kissed Leaves = Sea Island Cotton (trinity of classic clean/fresh scents)
Fresh Linen = Sun-Drenched Linen (similar but NOT a dupe)
Fresh Water & Sea Salt / Sea to Santorini = Oceanside (note: FW&SS/ STS more updated/sophisticated/feminine)
Frosted Cupcake + Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow = Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
Fruity Sherbet Scoop = Enchanted Candy Potion
BBW Gingham Fresh = BBW Beautiful Day = BBW Rain-Kissed Leaves
Gingham Vibrant = Among the Clouds = Blackberry & Basil = Candied Violet Sorbet = Open Sky
Glazed Cinnamon Bun = Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun (NOT a dupe but could be fraternal twins)
Go With the Flow / Topaz Waters / Turquoise Waters = Sea Spray & Beach Grass
Gold Coast / Flannel = Black Forest Woods (?)
Golden Mango Lagoon = Mango Mai Tai = Mango Mandarin (GML has sweet mango vs. MMT bitter mango)
Honey & Tangerine = Optimism
Incense = Tobacco Flower
*Island Waters = *Sunrise Lagoon
Lavender Coconut / Lavender Sea = Lavender Woods
Lilac Blossom + Provence Garden = Cucumber & Lily
Mango Coconut Cooler + Pineapple Lychee Smoothie = Papaya Sunrise = Sunset Beach
Marshmallow Fireside & Black Cherry Merlot = Radiant Red Maple (sub RRM apple for cherry)
Paris = Sparkling Rain (shared bergamot & moss notes)
Paris II/ Pink Champagne / Pomegranate Prosecco Punch / Sparkling Berries & Pears = Cranberry Pear Bellini
Pink Sands & Petals = Vanilla Beach Flower (PS&P is less intense & more floral)
Poppy = Butterfly = Open Sky
Praline Pecan & Cream = Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (minus PPW maple note)
Pumpkin Milkshake = Vanilla Snowflake (PM is a creamier scent)
Rose & Lychee = Pink Petal Tea Cake (sweet fruit y floral v. sweet vanilla floral)
Sandalwood & Vanilla = Vanilla Patchouli (same 60's vibe family)
Sea Salt & Neroli = Lemon Waves = Salted Ocean Air = Suntan (SS&N milder Suntan & LW)
Smoked Berries & Incense / Wine Cellar = Peppered Plum (NOT a dupe but could be twinsies)
Spiced Pineapple Samba = Tropical Spice (SPS has a pineapple note)
Spring + Luck = The Perfect Spring
Sweet Petal Pound Cake = Champagne Sprinkles + Whipped Rose & Vanilla
Vanilla Balsam = Under the Christmas Tree (UTCT has warmer eggnog note/VB more creamy)
Vanilla Chai = Winter Latte
Whipped Coconut Milkshake = Creamy Coconut = Frosted Coconut Snowball = Vanilla Coconut
Winter Garland = Merry Mistletoe (MM is sweeter/juicier/younger/effervescent sister scent)

------------------------------------------------------------PAIR THIS:
BBW A Thousand Wishes w: Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals
BBW Amethyst Waves w: Ariana Grande Moonlight
BBW Among The Clouds w: Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy (“the perfect match.”)
BBW Autumn Drive w: Champagne Apples & Honey
BBW Black Amethyst w: Into the Night
BBW Blue Orchard Skies w: Pink Peach Blossom
BBW Boardwalk Taffy w: Champagne Sprinkles = (bubble gum flavored cotton candy!)
BBW Bonfire Bash w: Blueberry Sugar Pancakes = (BSP next level-wear this on a night out)
BBW Bonfire Bash w: Christmas Cookies (game changer)
BBW Bonfire Bash w: Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte (MPL next level-perfect for date night!)
BBW Bonfire Bash w: Strawberry Pound Cake
BBW Bubble Gum Pop w: Strawberry Soda = (strawberry bubble gum candy shop)
BBW Buttercups & Bellinis w: You're the One
BBW Champagne Apples & Honey w: Pumpkin Peanut Brittle (apples & peanut butter!)
BBW Cider Lane + Sweater Weather (strong, suprising & spicy combo)
BBW Cloud Nine w: Givenchy Irresistible or Marc Jacobs Perfect
BBW Coco Paradise w: Juliet Vanilla Vibes (or any other vanilla forward perfume)
BBW Coco Paradise w: Tom Ford Soliel Blanc or Kayali Utopia Coco Vanille
BBW Dahlia w: Victoria's Secret PINK Golden Honey (creamy, sexy, edible vanilla flowers/man candy)
BBW Disco Daydream w: Ariana Grande Cloud
BBW Ebony Sands w: Palo Santo
BBW Fresh Gardenia w: Vanilla Bean Noel (tried: less old/peppery w/ a vanilla floral twist)
BBW Fresh Lemon Waves w: Palo Santo (surprising earthy & fresh combo!)
BBW Fresh Mint & Tea Tree w: Limoncello
BBW Gingham w: White Tea & Sage
BBW Gingham Gorgeous w: Strawberry Pound Cake (addictive strawberry combo)
BBW Gingham Heart of Gold w: Sweater Weather II = (tried: fresh laundry & clean hair)
BBW Gingham Vibrant w: Strawberry Pound Cake (astounding & unique fruity/floral combo!)
BBW Golden Mango Lagoon w: Pretty As A Peach
BBW Golden Mango Lagoon w: Tom Ford Bitter Peach (chef's kiss- u won't regret trying it!)
BBW Golden Mango Lagoon w: Fresh Jungle Rain (gorgeous together!)
BBW Golden Ocean Pearl + Pure Wonder = (man candy)
BBW Hinoki Wood & Lavender w: Strawberry Daquari = (unexpetedly good combo!)
BBW Island Margarita w: Saltwater Breeze = (island paradise)
BBW Marigold & Sugar Cane w: Sweet Whiskey
BBW Night Blooming Jasmine w: Magnolia Charm
BBW Patchouli & Rosewood w: Vanilla Bean
BBW Peach Prosecco Macaron w: Christmas Cookies
BBW Pink Lilac & Vanilla w: Palo Santo (very nice transitional scent for anytime)
BBW Pink Pineapple Sunrise w: Summer Melody = (screams SUMMERTIME!)
BBW Poppy w: Armani Ocean
BBW Pure Wonder w: Champagne Apple & Honey
BBW Pure Wonder w: Moonlit Path
BBW Rice Flower & Shea w: Magnolia Blossom EDT
BBW Smoked Old Fashioned w: Beach Nights (smell like a million bux)
BBW Smoked Old Fashioned w: Lattafa Sheikh Al Shuyuk (bbw reviewer recommendation)
BBW Sweater Weather w: Cinnamon Bark ("amazing" - The Candle Channel)
BBW Sweet Petal Pound Cake w: Strawberry Pound Cake (SPP+++)
BBW Sweet Petal Pound Cake w: Burberry Her Perfume (layers SO well)
BBW Pumpkin Bonfire w: Spiced Pumpkin & Patchouli (mmmmm Fall.)
BBW Under the Magnolia Tree w: Sea Salt & Neroli (compliment each other nicely)
BBW Waikiki Beach Coconut w: Hibiscus Paradise
BBW Waikiki Beach Coconut w: Warm Vanilla Sugar
BBW Whipped Coconut Milkshake w: Sensual Amber (chef's kiss signature scent combo)


Courtesy: Smell This

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