Colognes Women Love

When making a move on women one needs more than money, style and smile.

Women need all their senses appealed to especially their sense of smell and to do that is the tricky part. You want a woman to remember how you smell like, especially after she leans in for a hug or when she stills one of your hoodies.

A memorable scent is something everyone wants to invest in.

Colognes Women Love


This one perfume was formulated not only to impress the ladies but also the wearer. If you want to feel like you are walking in a spring garden then this perfume is definitely for you. With its light, fresh, subtle smell and a burst of zest. This fragrance is so loved by women because it screams sophistication and cleanliness, something ladies love.

When you want a perfume for the summer and spring this is the perfume for you especially on a casual day out.

Blue for men's crisp fragrance only lasts for 5 hours hence needs to be reapplied. It has a light sillage scent, very perfect for intimate occasions.

Notes: the top notes are; mandarin orange and grapefruit. 

The middle notes are; seawater and juniper.

The base notes are; musk and amber


Having the CEO look is not all enough, smelling like it too is also very important. When you want to smell like money (figuratively of course) then Tom Ford Ombre leather is definitely for you. One gets the rich, sophisticated and clean feeling just after using it.

This perfume can get you addicted to it, making one make it their signature scent. Its longevity is amazing, it's blunt, woody smell is amazing for clothes and it lasts for days after being sprayed.

It also lingers in everything around you like your chairs,books and pillows. 

The sillage and projection is about six feet so it is definitely a bit too much for intimate gatherings and although it's a strong scent it is still a nice and must have fragrance.

Notes: The top note is made majorly of cardamom

middle notes are jasmine sambac and leather 

finally base notes of amber, patchouli and moss.


If you need a perfume to draw the right kind of attention to you then this is definitely it. Being a Acqua Di Giò, it is a modern day perfume that attracts attention easily. You just need two sprays to last you for hours and it's not overwhelming for a strong perfume

The longevity and projection of this perfume is amazing and exceptional. The six feet sillage leaves an alluring trail behind after using just a few sprays. This is a definite must have perfume in your collection.

Notes: The top notes are aquatic sea notes and bergamot. This is followed by middle notes  of sage, rosemary and geranium and base notes of incense and patchouli.


This Dior being a masterpiece, it doesn't smack you in the face but it will definitely make your appearance felt. When you want your masculinity to be amplified then this is the perfume for you. This is something that many women really find attractive. 

This perfume is one with bold scents, so be sure not to overdo it. A few puffs goes a long, long way.

This perfume has a four to six sillage depending on how much of it is used. It has a nice, husky smell that is not too strong for gatherings. A puff or not is perfect while cozying up with your special someone.

The top notes are; pepper and bergamot

The middle notes are; elemi, vetiver, geranium, lavender, sichuan pepper, pink pepper and patchouli.

The final base notes are; cedar, labdanum and ambroxan.


If you want a perfume to wear to a movie or a date then Yves saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme is definitely the perfect choice for you. It is very subtle and not loud and it makes every woman around you comfortable and it will definitely leave a lasting impression on anyone you interact with.

The score in sillage in a 7.0/10 and 5.5/10 in longevity so repeat spray is good for you, especially if you do it twice or thrice a day.

This perfume definitely commands attention when you walk into a room with its gentle,woody and spicy fragrance, plus it's not a strong scent so it is perfect for a bedtime scent

Notes: The top note is made up; of cardamons which is followed with notes of bergamot, cedar and lavender and finally a mix of caraway and vetiver.


This perfume, when applied, has a pleasant, clean masculine scent that's not musky. One spray and it goes a long, long way. If you want an affordable one, then this is a perfume for you, since you got to use a little of it.

It's a light masculine scent that would remind you of wood and leather with just a hint of something sweet. D&G The One is a warm scent that lasts for hours, does not project, but as you walk, it leaves behind a delightful trail.

Notes: The top notes is a combination of basil, coriander and grapefruit, which is followed by a heart of orange blossom, ginger and cardamon and then finally notes of cedar, amber and tobacco.


This cologne has been labelled a lady catcher. It is an immediate turn on for your woman. It will definitely make people turn around and ask you what you have applied. It is definitely a must have. 

The longevity is somewhere between 6-8 hours and it will definitely last for hours after you have left a place leaving your mark.

Notes: Jimmy Choo Man has top notes of melon, lavender and mandarin orange, with middle notes of artemisia, black pepper and geranium. The final base notes are patchouli, tonka bean and labdanum.


Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero is a manly cologne that is easy to pull off. It is a cologne that exudes elegance and command.

This type of cologne that can be used in every occasion there is. It's not invasive, it's not annoying, nor is it overpowering but it is a clean smelling nice scent for a man of any age. Mankind Hero is soft and sexy, strong but elegant fragrance. 

Notes: The top notes are made up of mandarin orange, sage and sea notes, while the middle notes consists of black pepper, cardamon and juniper, which ends with base notes of amber, sandalwood and cedar.


Reflection is a soft, powdery, floral scent. It's masculine features are seen with the woody notes and patchouli base notes which gives its luxuriousness. It begins with a light scent of the floral elements and finally dries down to the appearance of smooth sandalwood. It is a pleasant perfume that is perfect for any occasion and season. 

This fragrance would carry you through the day, almost like your steps are lighter with confidence. It lasts for up to 14 hours and projects from clothes days after you've worn them.

Notes: Reflection man starts off with top notes of bitter orange leaves, rosemary and red pepper berries. This is followed by middle notes of florals such as ylang-ylang, jasmine, neroli and orris. The woody base notes are made up of cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver.

Spray it on your chest and arms under your shirt. Stand tall, with some swagger and allow Micheal Germain bring the sex appeal. Yes, you guessed it, this perfect scent is for her, not you. She is waiting for you!

Michel Germain Sexual is a classy and masculine fragrance. An underrated fragrance deserving of some love, as it has a nice cologne worth purchasing. It is a heavy fragrance that is best worn at night.Don't be an over-sprayer. Having two sprays is adequate enough to get you going. It is not as common as other known crowd favourites, so you are sure to stand out.  

Notes: The top notes of sexual is a burst of citrus and herbs with notes of bergamot, clementine, melon, petitgrain and basil. The middle notes are made up of sagem gardenia and lavender. The ends notes are, musk, vanilla, gardenia and patchouli which shine through.


If you are looking for a perfume that is not used by a lot of people then this is probably something you should consider. It is a clean scent that smells like freshly laundered clothes.

Something that many people don't possess

When going for long car rides or places where there are a lot of people like the office,then this is the perfume for you since it's not overwhelming and overpowering. It is good for day time but does not have a strong enough projection to be noticed from any distance. Prada L'homme has a longevity of about 2 - 3 hours before becoming a skin scent. Hence you can spray it on your clothes to increase the longevity of the fragrance.

Notes: Top notes of L'homme starts off with the scent of cardamon, neroli, carrot and black pepper. This is then followed by middle floral notes of violet, geranium and iris. The final base notes are made up of sandalwood, amber, patchouli and cedar.


Layton Exclusif is a very well blended fragrance with an addictive aroma. After spraying it, one may want to wait for a while, like 10 mins . This is because it has a harsh menthol note on initial spray. This is the type of perfume you spray in the air and walk into because you’re sure it will last you all day. It's a versatile fragrance that you can easily pull off all year round except in high heat.

The projection of this fragrance last is moderate, lasting for about 10 hours. It is a strong fragrance which finally dries down into a spicy vanilla skin scent.

Notes:  The top notes of Layton Exclusif are made up of mandarin orange, almond, watery notes and bergamot while the middle notes consist of rose, geranium, water lily and civet. The base note is woody and is made up of oakmoss, sandalwood, indonesian patchouli leaf, laotian oud, pink pepper, guaiac wood, amber, coffee and vanilla.


If you want a perfume that will impress a lot of people like your wife, your workmates, your children, people at the mall then this is the perfect scent for you. It is a perfect snuggle up scent. If you are looking to attract your significant other and want to ensure they can't get their hands off you and would rather pull in close. This fragrance does the trick.

The perfume concentration wins over the eau de toilette and it lasts forever, ok not forever but at least till the next morning. Looking to add a new scent, this right here will do the trick.

Notes: Spicebomb extreme starts with notes of black pepper and vanilla which is followed by notes of lavender and caraway and finally tobacco.


This perfume has a bubble gum scent and peachy finish. The project is great hence a little spray is needed. Therefore a little goes a long way. The longevity is superb, lasting for more than 10 hours and leaving imprints on almost anything you touch.

Positive comments will surely come your way after using this perfume therefore anyone would make it their signature perfume.

Notes: Le male starts with a bright beginning featuring notes of bergamot, pear, lavender and citruses such as bergamot and lemon.The middle notes are made up of spices and herbs such as sage, caraway and cinnamon. The final base notes are woody with cedar and patchouli as well as amber and black vanilla husk.


Once you spray Abercrombie and fitch first instinct the first scent in an aggressive kiwano melon zest then it settles down to tangy citrus feeling. It is a sexy warm scent. It is definitely mass appealing and lies between the designer and niche categories. Remember just because you stop smelling it on you doesn't mean the next person can’t.

Notes: The top notes are kiwano melon and gin and tonic, with middle notes of citruses, violet leaf and szechuan pepper. The basenote is amber and suede.


After 7 hours, you would still smell this fragrance on yourself, even if you apply just a little bit.

The scent is a little heady and most would describe it as suitable for evening wear. It's a little too much to be worn as a daily fragrance. The sillage and projection are prominent so it gives that “I am here” statement.

Notes: Top notes of tobacco, spices and rum is seen in Bvlgari man in black, this is followed by notes of leather, tuberose and iris and finally benzoin, tonka bean and guaiac wood.


Versace Eros is a lovely sweet and fruity scents that has an amazing opening of fresh citrus, while showcasing the apple note that gives the fruity element to this fragrance. The fresh citrus is a result of the lemon note in the opening.

The presence of mint, tonka bean and vanilla can be appreciated. They give the fragrance a smooth finish giving it some character. It has a very wide projection and sillage, and the longevity is mighty fine.

Notes: Eros has top notes of mint, italian lemon, candied apple, and mandarin. This is followed by middle notes of clary sage, geranium and amber and the final base notes are vanilla, sage, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli.


This delightful scent is especially for someone who wants a mass appealing scent with a niche quality. It opens bright with apple and citrus explosions, and stays in the drydown as a spicy vanilla, sweet woodsy scent. It is really a “happy perfume” and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood( partly because of all the compliments you would be getting).

Terre D’Hermes can be worn all year round and to any occasion because it presents a delightful array of floral and woody notes, preserving its masculinity, while still enticing a touch of femine delight. Little wonder why it makes the girls go crazy.

Notes: The top notes are made up of citruses, lemon, bergamot and grapefruit, while the middle notes are sichuan pepper which is followed by geranium and then finally base notes of olibanum, amber, patchouli and vetiver.


This fragrance commands attention from all the women so if you want to take a woman by the horn it is the one for you. The smell doesn't creep up or calm down after the top notes fade, it remains fierce, seductive, and sexy. It evokes that burning desire and unending passion and she will never be able to have enough.

This is a loud and extroverted fragrance. Chris Collins Danse Sauvage is not a fragrance that stands out with an aim to please.

Notes: The top notes are saffron, cognac and plum, followed by middle notes of rose, chilli and pepper and the final basenotes of vanilla, cedarwood and oud.

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