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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Why is this saying so common? Probably because apple has a lot of medicinal and nutritional value. These has led many people to develop an affinity to the fruit. Starting from the smell of apple right in the orchard, heavenly. Lots and lots of apples with different colours but the same delicious scent.

You see apple infused in a lot of things, from the famous apple pie that is ever present during festivities to the apple jam spread over a slice of bread, right down to an apple juice after a stressful day at work. Apple has this refreshing taste that peels off all the stress of the day from your body and mind.

An apple is a fruit that can be green, yellow, pink or red in colour. The green apple has a crisp and tart taste while looking so green and fresh. The red apple is also a common variety of apple with its seductive look and delicious taste. Generally, apple has a sweet, crisp and sometimes sour taste on the tongue.

An apple has a refreshing and delicious taste with a crunchy feel to it. This makes it a special notes in Perfumery. An apple note has a fruity, floral and sweet scent. It has a fresh and clean aura that can be paired with any other floral or fruity scent.

These are some of the best colognes for men with apple notes in their composition.

 Best Apple Colognes

Hugo Boss Bottled Intense

Hugo Boss Bottled Intense is a warm and sweet fragrance. It has an overload of citrus notes complementing the semweet note of apple. There is a spicy note mixed with woody ones that brings a more intense and solid scent to it. It is a perfume that can be worn during fall, spring or summer season. It can be used as a casual everyday wear and is also suited for the office.

Top Notes: apple, orange blossom and bergamot

Middle Notes: cinnamon, geranium, cardamom, cloves and lavender

Base Notes: Vetiver, cedar, coumarin, vanilla and sandalwood

Scent Accord: Woody Spicy fragrance

Sillage: Average

Projection: Average

Longevity: Average 

Year of Release: 2015

Versace Eros

Eros is a sweet and light fragrance geared towards a young audience. This fragrance is playful and carefree with its citrus and fruity notes. It has a youthful tinge that frees and relaxed the body and thereby giving an approchable ambience. It is a strong and longlasting scent that is suited for cold climate.

Perfumer: Aurelien Guichard

Top Notes: green apple, mint and lemon

Middle Notes: geranium, ambroxan and tonka bean

Base Notes: Vetiver, cedar, vanilla and oakmoss

Scent Accord: Aromatic Fougere fragrance

Sillage: Great

Projection: Good

Longevity: Amazing

Year of Release: 2012

Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage is a refreshing take on apple perfumes. It has a clean and fresh scentof green leaves and apple. It also has a floral note that throws a beachy and aquatic accord. It is a warm scent and is perfect for a summer day on the beach.

Perfumer: Maurice Roucel

Top Notes: apple and green leaves

Middle Notes: mimosa and lotus

Base Notes: Musk, Amber, cedar and oakmoss

Scent Accord: Woody Aquatic

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Longevity: Good

Year of Release: 2006

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Chrome Legend by Azzaro is a well loved perfume that uses green and fresh notes in its make-up. Green apple gives it a sweet and crisp feel coupled with the rich scent of musk and Vetiver. It has a woody, herbal scent with some earthy and fresh note.

Perfumer: Christophe Raynaud and Olivier Pescheux

Notes: Green apple, bitter orange, Vetiver, tea, musk, oakmoss, Tonka bean, Amber and cedar

Scent Accord: Aromatic Fruity fragrance

Sillage: Average

Projection: Average

Longevity: Good

Year of Release: 2007

Spirit of Man Intense by Spirit

Spirit of Man Intense is a solid fragrance for the boardroom type of man. A man that is confident and powerful. This perfume exudes courage, influence, assurance and sophistication. It has a balsamic and vanilla hint to its apple scent. This also has a deep and dark scent of incense and patchouli mixed with a spicy note.

Top Notes: coriander and apple

Middle Notes: incense and pepper

Base Notes: vanilla and patchouli

Scent Accord: Amber Woody

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Longevity: Good

Year of Release: 2013

Private Red by Saint Hilaire

Private Red is a fruity fresh fragrance with apple and sea notes. It has a citrus nite with the tangy notes of lemon. This fragrance has a Amber and aromatic scent Accord. It is a perfume that has a strong and long lasting scent. 

Top Notes: lemon

Middle Notes: green apple and sea notes

Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber and Tonka bean

Scent Accord: Woody Aquatic

Sillage: Great

Projection: Moderate

Longevity: Long lasting

Year of Release: 2018

Salvatore Ferragamo F Black

This Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance is a strong aromatic one that have a decent sillage and projection. It is a fresh, spicy apple perfume that complements a dominant man. It gives an alluring aura with it's warm, powdery and fruity scent.

Top Notes: apple and lavender

Middle Notes: black pepper and coriander

Base Notes: labdanum and Tonka bean

Sillage: Average

Projection: Average

Longevity: Average

Creed Aventas

This is a masculine fragrance through and through. It has a lot of citrus notes mixed with the apple. It is smoky, woody and warm scent with oakmoss, ambergris and patchouli. It has a sweet, fruity and luxurious accord that makes it a perfect fit for colder days. It can be an office or casual wear.

Top Notes: apple, bergamot, pineapple and blackcurrant

Middle Notes: jasmine, rose, patchouli and birch

Base Notes: vanilla, musk, oakmoss and ambergris

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Longevity: Moderate


Zoologist Parfums Panda

This perfume by the Zoologist Parfums is a full out daring concoction of floral and woody notes. It has a bold and earthy accord with the scent of musk and sandalwood. It is a green and fruity fragrance which is perfect for spring or summer season.

Top Notes: apple, Lily, mandarin, osmanthus, magnolia, tea and ozonic notes

Middle Notes: Amber, patchouli, jasmine, orris and earthy notes

Base Notes: musk, vanilla, sandalwood and civet




Parfums de Marly Layton

This is a warm and spicy perfume that is suited for all season and time. This perfume can be worn for any occasion, be it casual or business. It has a sweet and fruity scent that invites the senses, then a musky and woody note gives it a deeper and masculine feel.

Top Notes: apple, bergamot, mandarin and lavender

Middle Notes: jasmine, geranium and violet

Base Notes: vanilla, patchouli, cardamom, pepper, sandalwood and guaiac wood.

Sillage: Average

Projection: Average

Longevity: Average


Apple perfumes for men are now going more popular. This scent is now discovered to be simple yet sophisticated with its floral fruity accord. It sweet scent is balanced by the hint of tartness and crispy notes. Apple perfumes should be included in any man's collection of perfume for an attractive and appealing aura.


  • What scent notes can you combine with apple note?

Apple notes can be combined with any other sweet notes like vanilla, fruity ones like pineapple, floral one like jasmine, citrus ones like lemon or mandarin and other notes like green notes, ozonic notes, woody, amber and spicy notes. Apple note can be used in any fresh fragrance, it can also be included in a tropical fragrance. In the case of green apples, it can be used in green and fruity fragrances.

  • Are apple notes common in fragrances for men?

Apple notes are generally not that common in perfumes for men and even women. Apple note are sweet but not overly sweet and tgerefore can not be too clothing for men. It can also be combined with citrus, amber, musky or woody notes to give it more depth.

  • Does apple notes last long?

Apple notes last long enough since they are fruity note. Depending on their concentration and the variety of apple used, the longevity might differ. Some apple notes are perceived from the opening till the final dry down while some just make a brief appearance.

  • Are apple perfume attractive to women?

Apple perfumes are attractive to women especially when they perceive it from a man. It makes the man seem confident and self assured with a hint of delicious. Apple notes are attractive and appealing to the senses and so most people like this scent.

  • Are apple perfumes harmful to the skin?

Apple perfume are generally not harmful to the skin especially when natural ingredients are used. Nonetheless, perfumes should be tested on the skin before purchase as different skin reacts to differently to the same fragrance. Check if the fragrance is compatible with your skin before deciding to purchase a perfume.

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