What Does Rose Smell Like


Roses are typically red, yellow or pink fragrant flowers which are native to the north temperate regions. Existing in over three hundred species, the Turkish rose, Damask, and Rosa Centifolia, are the varieties typically used in perfumery.

When you hear the word rose your mind immediately goes to colors, scents and flowers. Roses are fragrant flowers that produce the essence from which a lot of perfumes are made.

I am very sure you have been asking questions about roses, I will give you a little bit insight as I answer your questions.


Roses gives off a floral smell which instils a calm and pleasing sensation. The scent of Rose can be described in many ways such as; fresh, fruity, floral, minty, citrusy, green and sweet. The scent of a rose come from its glands within the petals. The scent is attributed to the presence of rose oxide, which is made up of volatile chemicals such as nerol, geraniol, phenylethanol and other minor rose compounds. 


A rose from the family Rosaceae, they are fragrant flowers often with a pleasant smell and they come in different varieties and colors they are often armed with sharp points called thorns. Rose is extremely active, fun loving and daring.


So many people associates rose to love, which is one popular uniqueness but there are other unique things about the flower, people don’t know. The petals of roses are edible, each rose color has a different meaning, and their fragrance is mostly used in perfumes.


The Blue rose is definitely one of the rarest of Roses known to mankind because it doesn't occur naturally. According to biography, the first blue rose was a white rose which was painted on with a blue color, which then gave the idea to genetically modify the white rose to blue. It also gave the idea of making rose dyes.


The most expensive rose is the Juliet Rose with 92 petals and 6-8 days vase life, the Juliet Rose costs about $15 million being that it cost it's creator $4million to create. Quite expensive I must say.


 Roses are used for various purposes because it has medicinal, Sentimental and ornamental values. Some parts of the rose flower are used for treatment of ailments such as inflammation, cleansing and treatment of wounds. Water extracted from roses has antiseptic properties which helps fight infections and heal wounds faster.

In terms of the sentimental value, roses are used for different occasions because of what each color represents or the meaning each color of Rose connotes, the white rose depict a virgin, yellow for beauty, Red for love, blue for mystery and black for death or funerals.

 In terms of the ornamental value, Most homes usually use roses as part of their floral setting wether in a glass vase or just around the house to give their houses a touch of elegance, they were also grown in gardens for artistic display.


  You can use it as perfume because it will surely still possess the sweet scent. All u need to do is spray it on ur body or dab it on with cotton wool and you're good to go.


Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is one, fresh in one word perfectly describe a rose, it is light, clean and packed with wild roses.

Tea Rose by Perfumers workshop, if you are rose scent lover, this will give you a pure rose scent and it doesn’t even cost much.

Rose de Grasse is also one of them, it has a blend of the hundred petaled Centifolia Rose oil which aslo give a wonderful fragrance.


Roses are used in perfumes because of its sweet, enticing scent and the love women of all ages have for it. It is aimed at luring women to buy for themselves or men go buy for their partners. Also the scent of Rose has been proven to relax moods and ease anxiety. 

Roses normally when picked up exudes a floral and sweet smell, accompanied with a fresh and relaxing feeling, now imagine having this feeling all day long, it could even get you out of a bad mood. Because of its soft floral smell, perfume makers also use roses because it appeals to those who love the scent of flowers. 


 The rose fragrance is not an overwhelming fragrance, it's a fragrance that slowly envelopes you, it is fresh, sweet and there is this calm feeling to it.


Rose gives a floral essence or aura, Once one perceives the scent, they instantly know that it belongs to a woman. It can be unequivocally said to be a Feminine Scent.


 Roses can be preserved in various ways for a longer period of time. Drying it by tilting it to hang upside down or air drying it.  you can also put them in freezers just like we do with our food at home depending on how long you want to preserve it.


 Due to advancement in science and genetics rose can actually been found anywhere, which means you can gow roses anywhere as long as you can meet the conditions but naturally roses grow in Asia, some in Europe, North America and Northwestern Africa, depending on the specie of Rose one is looking for.


We have stated the fact that rose are edible, which attracts most animals to want to make a meal out of it, the thorns is just there to discourage them from eating it.


Damask Rose actually owns the scent people have become accustomed to when it comes to rose, It gives the normal sweet and subtle flowery scent.


The scent of a Rose depends on the specie of rose you are perceiving at that particular time, some rose does not have any scent at all.


 The Rose Scent is quite popular, as it is the note that appears after the top note is gone, and that makes it a middle note. Which lasts longer than the top notes.


Rose is an ambrosial flower, if you remember in the article I stated that it is fresh and there is calm feeling to it, so why not? it has also been exhibited by scientists through countless experiments showing that it helps to ease moods and assuage anxiety so yes!!! it is an appealing smell. 


There are other replacements for rose or the extracts depemding on what you actually need it for. If it's for ornamental reasons in terms of decoration, orchids, Peruvian lilies and daisies are all beautiful alternatives.

For sentimental reasons, like a gift for a loved one especially trying to get attention, peonies, irises, dahlias are all beautiful flowers that brings a smile to ones face.

If it is the scent you're alternating for, Lavender scents are also lovely and a light fragrance just like Roses. Chamomile and Neroli are also great alternatives to try.


How Do You Describe Rose Fragrance?

Describing a rose fragrance either it is dependent on where it is planted, the breed, or other factors, roses can smell sweet, juicy, fruity or even lemony. However, no matter what specie of rose they all  have a flowery undertone, but not harsh, which make them suitable for feminine fragrance or cosmetics.

Can you use rosewater as perfume?

Rosewater is mostly made by boiling rose petals or extracting water from them. Extracting water from the roses would require you get lots of roses because you will just be getting a little amount from each petals but will give you a strong scent while boiling of rose petals to get rosewater is the most common method, so the rose water you are more likely to find would not have a strong enough scent to serve as a perfume since the essences have been diluted. 

But, if you want to use rosewater as a perfume, you could pour the rosewater into a spray bottle and add essentials of rose oil depending on how strong you want it and spray away, This is sure to leave you walking around smelling fresh

What does damask smell like?

The Damask rose sometimes called the Bulgarian Rose which is mostly used in feminine cosmetic products. It smells flowery and slightly sweet but depending on the soil it could be spicy, fruity or lemony

Do all roses smell the same?

Not all roses smell the same. Yellow and orange roses tend to smell more like fruits, while pink and red roses have that popular floral scent. . Their scent is depending on the soil they are grown, the species, and even the color just like the examples above while some roses don’t have a scent at all and this is because some rose has been genetically modified to look some way or even last more longer thereby taking away the scent gene. 

What perfumes has rose in them?

A lot of perfumes have rose essential oils as their main ingredient. Our top pick is Neon Rose by Floral Street; it is perfect for everyday use because it smells fresh and delicate, having bergamot and angelica leaves as its top notes. Miss Dior N’ Roses and Dityque Eau Rose are also great choices. 

Lyric Man by Amouage, Black Aoud by Montale, and Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet come highly recommended for men if you want something on the high end. These are just a few of the really amazing rose fragrances out there.

Is rose a top note?

Rose is a middle note fragrance, due to the fact that the molecules of its essence are a bit dense it takes time to fill the room, so most times it has to be the scent that gives the second impression. Forming the heart note in most fragrance

Is Rose An Attractive Smell?

Studies have found that the smell of roses makes people appear more attractive. Anyone could wear it and it will surely get you attention from anyone around and it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn on you, you could spray it into the air.

Is rose a feminine scent?

Basically flowers are primarily associated with women, trying to impress a woman you send gifts and add a bouquet of flower mostly rose and it is used in beauty products like cosmetics. Although rose has been regarded as a feminine scent but there have been number of ways rose have been infused into male cosmetics to still give a masculine aura.

What is a good alternative for rose?

Sometimes you might not be able to get your hands on rose or rose oil at that particular time depending on what you actually need it for and looking for a quick fix, you can easily substitute it with other flowers like jasmines, daisies, carnations, Peruvian lilies, forget-me-nots, among others. These flowers can satisfy your thirst for floral scents. They are also good ornamental replacements because they equally give that burst of color to both indoor and outdoor

If you are thinking of perfumes and other beauty products, you can just pick out the ones that have jasmines in them, but if you are not specific and just want that flowery smell and try the other flowers stated above.

What is the smell of rose called?

After extraction, essential oils are gotten from the flowers, it is called rose scent. it is the general term for essential oils that are sourced from plants and flowers. Scent differs from perfumes because it is organic and have a strong concentration compared to perfume which is inorganic and has passed through a lot of chemical process. Petals of Rose Centifolia or the Damask are mostly used because they have a strong smell.

What is Unique About Roses?

We have stated the fact that their petals are edible and its mostly used in a variety of Asian delicacies, Roses also comes in many colors, each with its meaning and cultural significance.

The red rose is generally accepted and seen as the symbol of love in most part of the world. The pink roses are closely associated with happiness, sweetness and grace, which is why they are regarded as the epitome of femininity.

The white roses are seen as a form of purity and holiness, for this alot of churches have adapted them as part of their ceremonial accents. Same with weddings because it’s seen as a form of purity. Black roses represent sadness or death, which is why they are mostly used at funerals. No one knows who gave these colors their meaning, all we know is that there are meaning that are generally accepted.

What is the Rarest Rose Color?

The Blue Rose is the rarest, when I mean rarest you would never find them in some garden because it doesn’t occur naturally and debatably the most beautiful possessing two shades from the mauve. But  genetically engineered in 2004 Japan you could get a blue rose but without the sweet smell, Florists have also found their way around this genetic limitation, by just cutting white roses, and placing their stems in liquid blue dye. And its not just limited to blue dye, incase you cant get other colors at that moment, you can just try other dyes, to suit your needs at that point in time

What is the Most Expensive Rose?

The Juliet Rose. You can get it for about $125 a bouquet, the Juliet Rose earned this title because the maker David Austin used a total of $4 million to create it. This same species goes for about $5000 on the black market.

What are the Uses of Rose

Roses have ornamental, sentimental and essential value. Talking of their ornamental values they are seen as one or even the most beautiful flower in the world simply because of how magically they light up a room even when just one is placed in a vase and put on a table.

 For their sentimental values roses are also used to represent positive feelings and some meanings to them, including love and happiness, which is why they feature the most on Valentine’s day, graduation day, marriage proposals, date nights, etc. Whether it is just a bouquet, or a single stem.

Their essential value, roses have beautiful floral smell, so they are are cultivated for their essential oils, and infused into perfumes. Their petals are also soaked in water and other solution to produce rose water.


Is it Safe to Eat a Rose?

Roses are edible and safe to eat, except if one have an allergic reactions from eating or coming in contact with them. It can be eaten fresh from the garden or processed into different forms. You could also find them as ingredients jams, and jellies or in salads or flavor drinks.

The stronger the scent the sweeter the flavor of the rose. For example the Damask rose, which have the strongest scent would taste sweeter than any other rose. All types of roses are edible, except for those that have been chemically processed

What Parts of a Rose are Edible?

 The petals, the leaves, the buds, and the hips are all edible, except for the thorns which I am sure you won’t consider. It might not be filling but something to get you going depending on the reason you are wanting to eat it in the first place.

How Do You Preserve Roses?

There are different ways for you to preserve roses, depending on what you want to do with them. If you are just looking to use them in beautifying your house and you want them to last longer in a vase, you would need to replace the water with glycerine to keep the flowers fresh. Water should not come in contact with them, and they should be kept away from direct sunlight so that their colors do not fade or change but If you want to save them for culinary purposes, you could just place them in a freezer till you need them or dry them in an air dryer, and even ground them into powders depending on what you need them for.

Where Can We Find Roses?

Roses are mostly found in Asia that’s why you will mostly find it in some of their delicacies, but some species can also be found in parts of North America, Europe and Africa. But of recent times, roses can be find anywhere as long as the conditions is favorable.

Why Do Roses Have Thorns?

The thorns have served as a protective shield for roses, Because of their attractive colors and scent, animals are drawn to eat them. The thorns help keeps the animals away.

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