What Does Oud Smell Like


Oud is the wood gotten from the Agarwood tree. Oud is a byproduct of the healing following the infection of the agarwood tree. This is known to occur in about 2 - 5% of agarwoods. This article is going to look at what oud smells like and further explore this luxurious scent.

What Does Oud Smell Like?

Oud smells woody, earthy, barnyardy and smoky. It has a pungent smell that may throw you off initially. This is toned down by the addition of other sweet and oriental scents.

What is Oud?

Oud is wood derived from the fungus infested wood of healing agarwood trees, Aquillaria species. The agar woods releases the oud resin as it tries to heal it self. Agar wood trees are known as Aquilaria species. There are about 15 species of them. They are located majorly in Southeast Asia. 

Oud is formed when Phialophora parasitica a mold attacks the agarwood tree. The tree responds by resisting the mold, healing and creating a resin within. This healed wood gives off a unique smell and characteristics. It is known as Oud. The Oud wood is darker in color with reddish undertones.

History of Oud

Oud goes back to the biblical times, in the form of Aloes. Jesus was given both aloes and myrrh by Nicodemus. The Queen of Sheba is also said to have gifted King Solomon gifts of agar wood. 

Oud has been revered over the centuries and tied to religious practices. It has also been traded over time, with Yemen and India being trade partners for eons. Oud is so precious that it is referred to as liquid gold. It has also been used in Asia and Africa in medicine preparations.

What Is Oud Called in English?

Oud in english is known are agar or aloes. The Aquillaria agallocha resin is the highest quality of oud. It is known as Agallochum or aloes wood.

What is oud scent made from?

It is gotten from the heartwood of agar trees which grows in Southeast Asia. It is a rare phenomenon. Traditionally the pieces of the chopped oud are placed inside a bakhoor and used to scent up the surroundings.

What Does Oud Mean in Perfumes?

Oud is one of the most luxurious ingredients in perfumery. This liquid gold is very expensive with a high demand. It is used a lot as a personal and home fragrance in India, middle east and other parts of southeast Asia. It is used mainly as a base note and adds longevity to perfume compositions as well as uniqueness.

Why Does Oud Smell So Bad?

The smell of oud may be considered bad has it is an Eastern  scent and is not a fresh clean scent that the west is used to.

Is Oud Fragrance Good?

Oud fragrances are good. They last for a long duration and are stronger smelling than other notes. Oud has a woody and earthy smell which changes depending on the variety of the oud tree.

Is Oud Scent Attractive?

Oud is attractive. It has a unique scent that is foreign and seductive. Oud has earthy sweet tones and notes of leather and spice. The scent of oud depends on the tree it comes from, the process of harvesting and the individual's body chemistry with the fragrance. Pure oud may be challenging to pull off. as the scent is intense, hence it should be used with other pleasing fragrance notes.

What are the best oud colognes?

  • Versace Oud Noir
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Supreme Oud
  •  Al Oudh by L'artisan Parfumeur

Why is Oud cologne so expensive?

Oud cologne is quite expensive because of the high demand for oud and the shortage of supply. It is a phenomenon that occurs in just 2-5% of Agar trees hence the rarity ad high cost of wood. It is termed liquid gild because a kilogram of oud is $5,000. The processes of obtaining oud is also labor intensive. These factors contribute to the high price of oud.

Final Words

Oud is an enjoyable perfume and many brands now carry a oud line. There are different fragrance combinations that even as a beginner to oud, you will enjoy.

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